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Urban Pages is the place, the source for you to find various business connections, organizations that help the community and so much more. Google reports that over 450,000 monthly searches for key words “black business.”  You need a source that will allow your clients and potential clients to find and learn more about your business and your brand.
Our vision is to connect individuals with viable, positive sources that they can use and pass that information along to others, so all can benefit and rise together as a community.

Membership to be in this directory is set up in two highly affordable levels. Complete the registration page below,  as your username will be your company name. Payment for membership on Urban Pages Business Directory is via a secure PayPal Link. Upon receipt of payment, our staff will email you to get graphics and information needed to build your business on our directory!

  • - $5.00 / 1 Year
    Consists of: Company Logo, Business name, address, phone number, email link and website link
    - $50.00 / 1 Year
    Consists of: Company Logo, Business name, Company address, phone number, email link, website link along with gallery pictures of your business and a brief bio. Social Media pages listed, and also article write up on Urban Tymes Magazine in our Business Section to be promoted via our social media platforms and business mentioned on podcast shows.