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Candice RNB: “Her Humble Hustle”

Prior to our interviewing Candice, we reviewed some footage on the singer as well as read up on her biography and works. While there was not a lot of info that talked in depth about her upbringing or history, that was truly complimented with what

Talking With Momma Dee!!

  “Beauty from Ashes” is one of the oldest biblical metaphors to-date, and it’s a fitting description of reality star, Momma Dee (Deborah Gaither). She gave birth, and she loves her kids. What could be more beautiful than that? I can’t paint you a rags

DJ Fadelf

My conversation with DJ Fadelf was quite the casual and uproarious dialogue. You know, full of jokes and realism. He’s exceptionally articulate, and offered a great deal of introspective wisdom on the “Iyanla, fix my life” level… He was a solemn individual altogether. I asked

B-Sharp: Especially Now

Born in Houston, Texas, Atlanta- based R&B singer B Sharp has set the tone for the resurgence of R&B music. With humble beginnings at the age of ten, the son of a pastor listened to gospel greats such as Thomas Whitfield, James Cleveland, Andre Crouch

The Vivacious Work of Seed the Poet!

Reigning From Los Angeles California, Seed the Poet has always been an all around artist from her poetry, to her paintings and now designing. She embraces all sides of her creativity shamelessly. Seed has been making jewelry for the past two years. “Hail of a