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BackGround Music By Mia What made you do it? Who inspired you? What made you learn? What made you fall in love with…MUSIC?-What album convinced you that music is what you wanted to do FOREVER?! I’ve set out on a quest to get answers to these questions and more from some of the most amazing musicians around. BackGround Music airs every other week on Thursdays. Follow me on my musical journey! Click on graphic to visit and listen!

What is the Writer’s Life Chats? It is the fabulous, yet entertaining online radio show brought to you by Literary Professional Kisha Green. The goal of The Writer’s Life Chats is to allow experienced authors and writers a chance to share their writing life with avid readers; be a mentor while offering sincere support to aspiring authors. While this isn’t your traditional educational setting, we are in the new millennium. What better way to educate than via the Internet? Click on graphic to visit and listen

Highlighting talented and creative Individuals, offering them a stage to speak on how their skills and abilities are used to help better the World.

Black Girl Nerds is an online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among Black women & people of color. Check us out on and play with us on social media by following us on Twitter @blackgirlnerds! Listen to our podcast by clicking on the graphic!




Online dating creates an  invisible universe, filled with strangers connected online and disconnected  offline…Digital Foreplay Show…November 2017