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Justin “Q” Young is so much more than meets the eye!

By Kisha Green Meet literary’s newest crown jewel Justin “Q” Young, author of Move Dat Doe (Firstborn Publications 2014), Bout Dat Doe: Tips for the upcoming author (Firstborn Publications 2014) and Amazon’s Best-Selling African American Erotic Short Story Series Dickmitized (Firstborn Publications 2015). Bringing you

Art, and Turay Mederic

Born in 1979 in Ivory Coast Turay Mederic was only 4 years old when his parents moved to the USA, with a normal learning. His secret dream is to devote himself to art. In 1995, his family returned to live in Africa and enroll in

The Art of….David A Duerson

My drive to create art comes from a need, not a want. It’s not a choice about whether or not I want to do it; I can postpone it, but I cannot escape from it. I create art in response to personal feelings, experiences, and

Esoteric Images….Sonjhai Meggette!

It’s exciting to contribute to such an amazing magazine! Every month I look forward to interviewing the who’s who of the Bay Area’s fashion and art scene! As this month focuses on us, fabulous women with a vision, I’m excited to introduce Esoteric Images! Sonjhai Meggette,

Art and Color Personified!

This is Abel Jackson By CW Digsby Nestled deep within the halls of Area 15 is the studio of Abel Jackson. When I first came to this area, it was during an event that showcased the talents of each business owner there. I must say