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Living in Forward Motion..

To live is to want more, and to want more means there is other things that you must do. This year 2015 promises to allow us an opportunity to thrive, grow, perfect,   forgive, and to be all that we really want to be.  Most people

Omar Carter- Survivor, Phenomenon, Fighter!

We spend our days living like aliens (Case of the body snatchers) in flesh and bone. Our brains function as one organism, and our bodies are the hosts that keep us (Spirit and soul) protected and invulnerable. Some may live in the shell (body) recklessly

Women’s Heart Disease

The Silent Killer That is Echoing Vociferously Across the Nation… By Tawanda Blake. The morning was normal, and filled with our mundane routine of dragging ourselves out of bed to start the day. I turned my surround sound system up to forty, and then wakened

Renaissance Man: Dennis Reed- Inspire the Fire Founder

    Inspire The Fire landed in the Queen City this year, and the “Xpierence “was paramount! Tangi Adams kept us informed on the day by day events that brought together the youth and individuals under an umbrella of hope and greater faith! This incredible