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NeNe Capri never imagined that life would take her down a road that it did. She has experienced her fair share of heartache and heartbreak but even so that did not stop her. Sure she made some mistakes but she eventually found her way and

Putting Power to Pen: An Interview With Shaun Sinclair

Shaun Sinclair is the founder and owner of Pen 2 Pen Publishing. His company’s motto, “Putting Power into the Pen” is also its mission statement, as Mr. Sinclair rediscovered his gift of penmanship while incarcerated. He strives to use his success as motivation for others

Angelia Scott-Dunbar: #mystoryourjourney

The bio of Angelia Scott-Dunbar is an inspirational one but talking to this wonderful sister gave way to many more layers to be shared. Born and raised in Arkansas, she notes that her father was a heavy influence on her life. Even during our interview

Literary Treasures with Kisha Green: Mahogany Star

As a literary consultant I come across so many authors. I have also watched many careers blossom, so it is always exciting to see a new author doing what they can to make their presence be felt in the literary world. Allow me to introduce