Below are the creative brands that Urban Tymes Media have cultivated over the years

Click on the name to visit and learn about each one!

CD: Carey Digsby:Website of founder, author, motivational speaker, father and brother that enjoys the positive things of life!

Musiek Magazine :The magazine that is a  platform to highlight indie artists, venues that support artists and other facets of music from around the globe and connect them to readers and fans everywhere!

The Essentials: The Essentials represent the things that we need to encourage a positive way of living! Check out our creatively designed tees and so much more!

Charlotte In The Know  : An innovative podcast channel hosted by Adrian Bittle, reporting on influential people, news, and events pertaining to the city of Charlotte and nationally.

At The Roundtable:It’s the peoples’ podcast, bringing you topics that we can sit at the table, discuss and bring forth positive solutions! With hosts Adrian Bittle, Teka Rose and Carey Digsby, featuring special guests and much more!

Bowties on the Fly:Featuring uniquely made, one of a kind, bowties, lapel pins and pocket squares for you!

Design Tyme Studio: Our in house design firm that listens and creates your vision for any graphic needed “on tyme!”