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Who wants to be rich?

Varnell Bien Aime Who wants to be rich? Is it possible to gain wealth in these times of economic turmoil, where uncertainty and disillusionment prevail? For Veronica Brooks, a person worthy to be placed in very success story book, what you need is a head

Affordable Care Act 2016

It is open enrollment time, November 2015 thru January 2016 is the enrollment period for healthcare coverage under the federally mandate Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is affectionately known as. First what you need to understand, is that it mandates everyone must have

Disability Policies

Often times when we think about financial security we tend to look for ways to invest in our future with stocks, bonds and currencies. So many Americans are not prepared to deal with the loss of their most important asset. Do you know what that

Teach Your Children Finances Now

By Varnell Bien-Aime     Often times I am asked, as an advisor what do I teach my kids about money or finances and how do I do this? Well allow me to tell you that financial literacy needs to start as soon as your