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Talking With Momma Dee!!

  “Beauty from Ashes” is one of the oldest biblical metaphors to-date, and it’s a fitting description of reality star, Momma Dee (Deborah Gaither). She gave birth, and she loves her kids. What could be more beautiful than that? I can’t paint you a rags

DJ Fadelf

My conversation with DJ Fadelf was quite the casual and uproarious dialogue. You know, full of jokes and realism. He’s exceptionally articulate, and offered a great deal of introspective wisdom on the “Iyanla, fix my life” level… He was a solemn individual altogether. I asked

Chante Moore…The Encore

                                      Her acclaim into stardom is nothing short of astounding. It’s not often that an artist is able to work closely with someone that they themselves idolized

CEO Stacey J: Elite Clientele, Exceptional Services

Bubbling with excitement, Stacey J greeted me in a comical tone, “Hi, Tawanda! Taaaaawaandaaaaa!” I couldn’t challenge that opening even if I wanted to. She already owned the interview with that sprightly announcement and judging from her enthusiasm, I knew that we were leaping in

Omar Carter- Survivor, Phenomenon, Fighter!

We spend our days living like aliens (Case of the body snatchers) in flesh and bone. Our brains function as one organism, and our bodies are the hosts that keep us (Spirit and soul) protected and invulnerable. Some may live in the shell (body) recklessly