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The First Pink Brick is in Atlanta:

Atlanta, GA – The Charge Up Campaign and Table Talk Series hosted its sixth Day of Celebration Saturday, October 28. The celebration of five breast cancer survivors took place at CEI Hair School, located at 88 Peachtree St SW and included hair and makeup services

What’s Behind the Lipstick Revealed

Picture it. October 28, 2017. A ballroom at the Embassy Suites Uptown Charlotte. “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan blasts through the speakers. Guests enter and are immediately uplifted by an energy that will only accept inspiration and empowerment. Now close your eyes, breathe in,

#OURVOICES: Mario Black- Million Youth March

Mario Black, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, realized his life’s passion at an early age. As a child growing up in the historic Earle Village community, currently known as First Ward, he learned that whatever life presented he would one day overcome life’s challenges. He

Let’s Talk PR with Keema & Dana

Let’s Talk PR is a monthly segment on This Needs to be Said Radio.  I am very excited to be able to share the interviews with the readers of Urban Tymes Magazine. This month I spoke with Dana Sidberry, founder of Motivation Marketing Firm. Dana