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Author Yvonne N Pierre

Your writings are very powerful and seem to captivate and draw readers into the story. How do you do it? That’s a great question. Hmmm, how do I do it? I guess by allowing myself to be vulnerable and tap into the emotions of the

Literary Treasures: Darnish King

Darnisha King is born and raised on The Westside of Chicago. During a tough time in her life, she started to write; she hasn’t put the pen down yet. Through her writing techniques, you can see a story, you can feel emotion, and you can

Twitter…Tweeps …Tweeties…Oh My!

By: Kisha Green Ok let me first say that the creation of Twitter was a godsend to me because I am so random at times and this particular social media site let’s me be just that and others actually want to follow my randomness. What

Who Is Raynesha Pittman?

By Kisha Green………. Raynesha Pittman grew up in South Central, Los Angeles and is currently residing in Tennessee with her husband and six children. She was one of L.A’s many troubled youth which led her into serving four years around Los Angeles juvenile corrections centers,