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Candice RNB: “Her Humble Hustle”

Prior to our interviewing Candice, we reviewed some footage on the singer as well as read up on her biography and works. While there was not a lot of info that talked in depth about her upbringing or history, that was truly complimented with what

B-Sharp: Especially Now

Born in Houston, Texas, Atlanta- based R&B singer B Sharp has set the tone for the resurgence of R&B music. With humble beginnings at the age of ten, the son of a pastor listened to gospel greats such as Thomas Whitfield, James Cleveland, Andre Crouch

Living Fearlessly, Loving Unconditionally

When you decide to make a choice towards forward progression, you strangle fear.” (L.Long) Living Fearlessly is a result of Loving Unconditionally. The person that you love first has to be yourself. So often we are looking forward to pleasing other people, but when we

Our Blessings Come When We Least Expect It!

On Valentine’s Day, Angela Bailey was involved in a car wreck. My dear friend and fraternity brother informed me of this, and asked that I share his sister’s story this month. Not for the accident, but what was found as a result of it. At

Antoine Dunn…..Where Good Music Lives

  Antoine Dunn, what can be said. Upon first hearing this Cleveland born musician, one’s mind goes back. There are elements within his sound that are reminiscent of the early sounds of R&B, a time when the contents of the song were expressed by the