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Living Fearlessly, Loving Unconditionally

When you decide to make a choice towards forward progression, you strangle fear.” (L.Long) Living Fearlessly is a result of Loving Unconditionally. The person that you love first has to be yourself. So often we are looking forward to pleasing other people, but when we

Our Blessings Come When We Least Expect It!

On Valentine’s Day, Angela Bailey was involved in a car wreck. My dear friend and fraternity brother informed me of this, and asked that I share his sister’s story this month. Not for the accident, but what was found as a result of it. At

Antoine Dunn…..Where Good Music Lives

  Antoine Dunn, what can be said. Upon first hearing this Cleveland born musician, one’s mind goes back. There are elements within his sound that are reminiscent of the early sounds of R&B, a time when the contents of the song were expressed by the

Style & Fashion..Jus Wright!

  Jus Wright was born out if a love for fashion and for daring to go beyond the norm and experimenting with clothes and styles. Your appearance may be the first thing immediately obvious to others: however, it is one situation factor that you can

A Time for Taelor

When we first heard the music of this artist, it was truly a breath of fresh air. Her beauty is only shadowed by her incredible devotion to her community and her positive spirit. The Columbus Georgia native tells us she is Inspired by iconic artists