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Why Advertise With Us?

Urban Tymes Media is a media/source that truly partners with unique businesses to introduce them to a public looking for new and fresh opportunities, which is why it is essential that you advertise with us to help your business grow. Our goal, to help get you the targeted traffic needed to increase your brand in your specific market immediately. From print and digital advertising, to social media campaigns and aggressive marketing channels….Urban Tymes shares your vision with our readers and the world!
Advertise with us… and your business will be seen in a whole new light! Looking for targeted traffic to your website, business, and service, then contact us today and obtain our highly affordable services immediately!
Our advertising service is definitely worth your time and your money!


  • Completed advertisements according to your business preferences.
  • High quality work at an affordable rate, so your company budget remains solid and unaffected.
  • Targeted traffic, instant attraction, interested potential clients.
  • Urban Tymes promotes businesses in a positive manner, a true partner in the growth of your brand.

Target Audience
Urban Tymes Media sets the trend in introducing the best of the best, and the best kept secret in lifestyle, fashion, business and entertainment! Targeting a diverse culture that seeks a new a fresh perspective daily.
Urban Tymes Media portrays this diversity via urban consumers across the U.S and in major metropolitan cities such as Charlotte, Atlanta , NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Oakland CA. We also have an international presence: Africa, Canada, the UK and Brazil.

Our editorial content, promotions, and certain brand extensions communicate the appeal of a well rounded publication that has dynamic influence and unique presence and design.
Our articles highlight the best in the areas of business, style and fashion, health and fitness, food ,culture, and entertainment.

Brand Extensions
The combination of Urban Tymes Magazine, Musiek Magazine, Charlotte in the Know, At the Roundtable Podcast, CD Podcast Show, Urban Tymes Media“E Blasts”, and strong social media presence allows marketers with creative and alternative ways to reach our audience, your audience, and new individuals at work, at home, and everywhere!

Please contact advertising@urbantmedia.com, urbantymes@hotmail.com or a sales team member to confirm prices.

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