Urban Tymes Media: Editorial Guidelines


Urban Tymes Media is an online media source that reaches over 50000 readers and followers throughout the U.S. and promotes the positive side of media. Urban Tymes Magazine is a magazine that focuses on a lifestyle that is obtainable, as well as entities that have something special to share to our readers. We pride ourselves in being the positive, informative side of media. Our recent music publication aptly named Musiek is the magazine that’s geared to be the voice for indie artists. This online magazine is growing exponentially with dedicated followers also.

What Kind of Writers Are We Looking For?
Writers come in all ages and types and backgrounds, as well as various professionals. This is the very fabric of our society, and Urban Tymes Media provides them a vibrant platform to share their talents from. The important part of being a journalist is to truly know of the subject you are writing about and to write clearly about it.

What Kind of Articles Are We Looking For?
We are looking for articles that are positive in nature, informative, and from many topics of interest. Due to the high volume of queries and submissions, we cannot respond to all. If we have an interest in a pitch, we will respond within two weeks.

Prior to Submittal
We ask that you the potential writer to please take time to visit and read the articles on our website and publication. Many times writers will submit their work and not fully understand the position of our magazine or its readers. This will give the writer a greater understanding on what Urban Tymes represents and the readers that follow us.

In order to be timely and keep our readers in tuned with the latest happenings and information, we require the following in order to adhere to those demands:

Interviews/Editorials/Features must be scheduled at least a week in advance. For the interview, the subject must have a bio, press release, or viable source for our writers to research and review prior to any interview. Editorials must contain material to cover a minimum of two pages.
To be considered for a featured article within the magazines, the subject must have the following for our writers to review:

I. Strong social media following (this is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, with a strong follower base) the subject must also be constantly promoting on social media outlets, and will promote their interview with the UTM brand to their followers as well.
II. Online presence consisting of website or blog. The ability to be found on the major search engines.
III. Previous interviews.
IV. Have created an instantaneous buzz in the market that warrants an immediate interview.
Interview time will be from 20 to 40 min in length, to honor the subject’s time and the writers’ time.

At least three photos must be submitted to our editorial staff for review for the article/interview. We ask that photos be tasteful in content, professionally taken (no bathroom shots, selfies, etc.) and 300 dpi. If photos are not available, a photo session may be scheduled.

Exclusivity: the contents from interview/editorial, photos and timeline will be exclusive for UTM. Same content cannot be submitted to another publication at the same time. If article has been submitted, you are required to inform our staff so they may determine if it will be used, and if so when. If articles are used, UTM has the right to publish the next month.
All articles submitted by writers are contributory, and are not subject for purchase by UTM.

Why We Reject Certain Submissions
We reserve the right to reject article submissions at our discretion. Those reasons could be:
• Article doesn’t “fit” in our publication due to space limitations or content
• Poor writing structure, grammar, punctuation and excessive capitalization
• Malicious, profane, libelous, defamatory or highly offensive/graphic content

Also, if you the writer attempt to pass off someone else’s works as your own or do not source your information correctly, we will reject your submission and possibly not solicit your work in the future. Please know that plagiarism can also occur when you use someone else’s argument or expression. That is why you must cite your source.

Placement of promotional items on UTM social media outlets is subject to review and permission. Promotional content that sparks controversy, sexist or degrading to individuals is prohibited.
UT Media may edit or remove any materials posted by our readers or third party entities. You must have the rights to post any items or submitted materials, and by doing so you authorize UTM (Urban Tymes Media) to use it and our third party partners for any media purpose.

To be added to our monthly e-blast, promotional materials must be submitted two weeks in advance to: urbantymes@hotmail.com. Upon submittal, material will be promoted upon confirmation of payment.
To promote your business on our bi-weekly podcasts, businesses must submit their information to: urbantymes@hotmail.com. Upon receipt of payment, the business will be identified as a sponsor and will be shared via Facebook live, YouTube Channel, Soundcloud podcast and Podomatic podcast.

Companies that submit business information and payment for The Urban Pages on our website will be added immediately to be promoted online, and via social media. We ask that you also promote to those that follow your brand.

Model Submissions
UTM will allow up and coming model to present themselves on a full page “tear sheet” within the publication. Cost for this presentation is a nominal $50.00, which includes online presence on our site, and in our monthly e-blast. Content for this must fall within our guidelines:

• No Nudity, or overly sexual in content
• Can be in B/W or Color
• Must be 300 dpi
• Must give photographer credit
• Must sign off on Model Submission Form

UTM participates in 4 sponsorship opportunities to events per year. These are in kind or monetary in stature. To be considered for possible sponsorship by our company, please submit press release, sponsorship information and contact information 2/3 months in advance. (Subject to alteration depending on event and exposure parameters)
Should you have any questions, please email them to: urbantymes@hotmail.com.

Thank you.