A Park Heights Tale: The Paper Chase

The first installment of the series, A Park Heights Tale: The Paper Chase, is centered around two unlikely people who cross paths because of their pursuit of money. As they ultimately work together to achieve their goal, they begin to wonder, is it worth risking everything to have everything.

A Tragic Tale of Sex, Drugs, Romance and Murder…Still on her paper chase, a drop-dead gorgeous Ms. Janice is no longer pregnant and back selling the best-known drug to man. Sexual encounters ending with explosive climaxes that continue into eternity. In trying to become the biggest Madam on the East Coast, she’s moving on a cross level. As the stakes get higher, so does the risk. She knows the game, played it, but can she OWN it?

A letter from Kevin Miller~
As an incarcerated author I take pride in writing and publishing entertaining stories for all demographics across all spectrums that offer readers a chance to escape their reality. Furthermore, I live around other talented authors with stories to tell so being in the position to help these guys build their platforms and get their work out to the masses is my utmost priority as I continue to expand the Rock Bottom Wave.

Along with me, my staff at Rock Bottom are committed to providing quality services and quality stories that satisfy our customers. With every book we publish, we’re representing the culture of today by creating an eco-system for prisoners who are in the business of writing by ensuring they have a direct outlet to publish their work in a timely and professional manner as we continue to build our brand and business name in the publishing industry.

Our belief is that just because a person committed a crime it doesn’t mean us as a society should deem them unworthy of a second chance at achieving their goals so being a convicted felon myself I just took matters into my owns hands and started a company surrounded by guys in prison that could cater to what people on the outside read, watch, hear about and consume on a daily basis. All while providing us behind the wall the opportunity to make some legal money while taking our lives to the next level. That’s what Rock Bottom embody.

Currently, I’m in conjunction with other federal prisoners working daily to produce a series of short stories, movie scripts, books and web series in our attempt to further the Rock Bottom movement.