GYM & YOU!!!

When it comes time to go workout, whether its your first time or you’re a seasoned fitness buff…….

DON’T FORGET…Gyms can be a hotbed for germs and we are in the midst of flu season. Please help to keep everyone healthy and wipe down all gym equipment before and after each use to avoid the last person’s germs, while also leaving it clean for the next person.

Adding more physical activity can be a challenge. We are parents, have full-time jobs, cooking dinner, cleaning house, grocery shopping, taking the kids to soccer practice, and I could go on for days. Adding more physical activity to your life may seem like a challenge. Here are some common barriers as well as solutions.

“I just don’t have time for physical activity.”
You can “sneak” it into your day a few minutes at a time. Get started by making small changes:
Add three 10-minute walks to your day.
Take regular breaks from sitting at the computer or watching TV. Get up, move, and stretch by lifting your hands over your head and moving side to side.
Schedule your workouts just as you would a meeting and STICK TO THE PLAN.
Start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you have the option.
If your job is sedentary, add a walk around the block to one of your daily breaks.

“It’s too expensive.”
Fitness can be FREE! There are ways to be active that are free or lower in cost.
It’s only $0.50 per week to workout at the CMGC Wellness Center!
Find a local park or school track where you can walk or run.
Walk in the mall or a free museum.

“Fitness is such a chore.”
Make it fun!
Find activities you enjoy such as biking, gardening, sports, or swimming.
Get a friend to try out a new workout class.
Use your daily workouts as just tips for yourself.
Give your workouts more meaning by setting goals to do a walk or run for a cause you support.