An Interview with Prophet Garry Robinson

With his irresistible smile and a presence that commands your attention as soon as he walks into a room, along with a voice that can make you stop whatever you are doing and take notice, Prophet Garry Robinson is no ordinary man of God. He shares his divine purpose through writing, teaching, preaching and now through Christian Hip Hop music. He currently has a mixed tape out and his album will be dropping next year titled “Let Me Introduce Myself” With inspirational tracks such as “I Got a Word”, “What’s Up” and my personal favorite “I’m On My Way”. This man is multifaceted. He can win a freestyle battle on Friday and turn around and preach the house down on Sunday.
After a whole year of waiting for an interview (He is extremely private) I had the pleasure of catching up with this mighty vessel of God and here’s how it all went down:

NC: When did you realize you had a love for music?
PG: For me music has always been a part of my life. When I was growing up, my mother and that side of the family was always into that 60’s 70’s music coming up. We were listening to Barry White and Marvin Gaye all the time. We started having talent shows around the schools and some of my friends would do raps for the talent show and I would ask them how they would do that. I was 13 when I first decided to give it a shot all the dudes that I looked up to said, “Dude you really got it!” I think at that point I started thinking that music was going to be a key point in my life.

NC: So, you just watched and listened and then you were able to do it?
PG: When I got about 17 I really became good at it and then in my early 20’s I started being featured on some mixed tapes in the local cities. I started getting invites from some of the local artists who wanted me to be a part of their projects so I would do a coupe of bars on their albums, but I never really endorsed anything on my own like an album or a mixed tape. I knew it was coming but I think this year personally I think it was God’s timing for me. I feel like now I can write music in my sleep.

NC: You touched on earlier about some of the people your mom used to listen to. Who were some of the people you were influenced by musically?
PG: Well for me it’s a combination my response is going to be controversial because all of my inspiration is not gospel. I believe that God has given gifts to people. Whether if they choose to honor God with those gifts or not is a different thing. For me I feel like God has given me the ability to hear people’s hearts through the expression of their struggle and what they have been through and so I remember early on in life, I used to listen to guys like Tupac and the Thug Life movement. I know he wasn’t saved. And I know he wasn’t doing Gospel, but I felt like he had a message that would contribute to justice, a message that would contribute to society in a very constructive way. Even though he wasn’t screaming Jesus, he was still making an impact to help make the world better. He was one of the influences. There would be other guys that I would listen to. There was 8 Ball and MJG and Juicy J. The gospel rap really wasn’t big until like the last 10 years. There weren’t a lot of guys doing it. When I got inspired there were no gospel rappers around. There were just underground rappers, rappers that were mainstream. You would have guys come out with music that the church would not endorse to the nature of what they were talking about. Coming from the background that I have; these guys were inspirational.
These guys go from struggling and were talking Corn Flakes and water and Roman Noodles bringing something constructive to the world and using that. I know a lot of people don’t agree with it. When they got an award that first person, they thanked was God. They recognized where the gift came from. I just like to listen to positive people making in impact.

NC: There are a lot of Christian people like older Christian people who don’t believe that Hip Hop has a place in Gospel music. Have you ever encountered anyone who has said something like that? If you haven’t, what would you say to that person?
PG: I did have an experience before (laughing) where people were used to me being Prophet Garry I had to let Hip Hop Garry out of the closet. I didn’t feel like it was my timing with God but the people that were around me they were more about this great prophet this great preacher, we grow and we learn the word from him. They would say “he’s really anointed, and we love the God in you. They were really enthused about me being a prophet but when God started dealing with me like Why are you sitting on other gifts? Like why you are not allowing these other gifts to come out because I was afraid of what people were going to think because I knew at that time that Gospel Hip Hop was not being embraced. For me at that time I valued people’s opinions too much and so when I did start doing the Gospel hip hop, I started losing friends, losing connections, I started losing people who I thought would be around for a long time. They expressed that they disagreed and stated it was the devil’s music. I was told that it was not of God and that God wasn’t going to bless me with it. If I had listened to what they have told me, I don’t think I would be where I’m at right now. I’ve got to say that I’m on fire with this Gospel hip hop! So many people are being blessed right now. My producer is one of the people who really encouraged me even more because he confessed to me that he let his mom who’s in a nursing home listen to one for the tracks from my album and she just got up and started dancing around. You just never know but when you step out of faith and how that would really bless someone else.

NC: I never told you, but I had a friend who takes care of handicap people and played the track “What’s up” and she just started bobbing her head. She absolutely loved the track.
(Prophet and I shared a huge laugh)
PG:I think if you can get God to the younger people by way of Gospel Hip hop, it’s a true blessing so I for one thank you for not listening to those people and went on to record.

NC: How would you describe your particular style?
PG: That’s a loaded question. I would have to say for me music comes for me as a first nature. I’ve always been able to do it. I think for me it’s not about what the original hip hop made music about because the genre changes when we put Gospel at the end of it. Its always been said that if your and artist you should be able to write music to any level of beat or music or instrumental and my only disagreement with that due to my style would be to be at my very best to minister musically if I’m not interested in the instrumental. I connect sounds to my experiences. So when I get a sound that I can connect to my experiences so once I begin writing it, I’m on fire, I start bouncing all around in the studio, I would say my style is more of an emotional writing style not just a lyrical type of style.

NC: What is the title of the album that will be coming out next year?
PG: The title is “Let Me Introduce Myself”

NC: How did you come up with that?
PG: Basically, I had two names and the first one, The first one was basically about how I felt regarding Christ, regarding how a lot of times Jesus gets drowned out by our music and our intentions, we mean well and sometimes in meaning well its not enough to properly represent Christ. At first it was going to be called “Jesus Innovated” and then my team said it was awesome but then I was praying, and God made me feel a certain way about it and I didn’t think that it was IT. I remember seeing the album cover and I remember seeing it as vividly as I was praying and I saw a vision of the heavens opening up like the clouds were split in two and the hand of God had came forth holding the cord of a microphone that was upside down and the microphone was over the entire face of a globe and I heard him say” Let me Introduce Myself”

NC: What is it that you want people to feel after listening to your mixtape?
PG: I don’t know if I want them to feel any certain kind of way my hope is that something within the CD will be able to inspire them to a point of motivation where I can allow them to hear some of my life experiences with the possibility that will encourage them not to give up so I would say I would want them to feel hope. I believe that hope can only be given through emotion. A person has to feel that hope if anything.

NC: I felt hopeful after hearing the track “I Got a Word” but of course with getting music out there, there is always some challenges when creating. What if any were some of the challenges you faced when creating this album if there were any?
PG: For me I would say that I haven’t had any issues in that department because for me again I refuse to write music to instrumentals that don’t connect to my soul. If it connects to my soul, I can write fluently to it and every word is filled up with meaning because I am sharing an experience. The only thing I can say that I have honestly seen as a challenge is developing the character behind the voice because this is not me coming in being Prophet Garry, this is me now being hip hop Garry and just having that brand new experience is saying I’m not coming with the preacher robe and not coming with the suite and tie this time. This time I’m coming with a different dress code and a different verbiage. So making that transition from preacher to this particular type of ministry, which Paul says:” I must become all things to all men that I might save some.” So transitioning from the Prophet Preacher to now this lyrical Gospel Hip Hop artist and getting the music across. The challenge is that I’m still making adjustments staying in the same character but then understanding one transition and what adjustments I need to make so that’s been my challenge, still making adjustments.

NC: You have a lot that you do, music, author, teacher, preacher and your also a family man, so how difficult is it to balance music, family and preaching?
PG: I think starting off its difficult trying to keep everything in its proper perspective because you have to juggle so many things at once. I’ve had times where I have to sit and play the video games with the kids and I may feel like writing. I have to control that because I have to spend time with my kids and plus I love them and love to see them smile and be happy. I think the main thing is spending quality time in each area. Like quality time in ministry, quality time with my family, making sure when I go to the studio its quality so I can always say if I don’t get an opportunity to actually do something the way I wanted I can say when I do it I can be glad about it because I put 100% into it.

NC: I want to talk about some of the songs off the album. I know it’s your album so the whole album must be your favorite but are there any tracks that particularly stand out over others?
PG: Right now, in my opinion the whole album is dope! Every track is dope because what you’re getting is a nontraditional lyrical album of various experiences and it’s almost like preaching with rhythm and music behind it. So if I were to say that I had a favorite would it would have to be the track “I Got a Word” because that’s what that whole album is about me having a word and sharing that word and giving that word of the people so that they would be encouraged. I remember that out of all the songs that I have done, I was sitting in the studio and my cousin was in the studio with me and he was recording me while I was in the booth and I sat down with the producer and I he was playing it back and I started feeling a certain way while listening to the song and something came over me as if God was allowing a type of manifestation to say “This is IT!” Like saying this is the one that I really want you to understand and push. I can’t even understand what I felt when it happened, but my cousin saw it and he said “You are glowing” I said you can see that? He said yes! It blew my mind and I can say from that point I knew that there was something very special from God about this song.

NC: I concur because when I first heard this track, I said that it was amazing! To me the track was about not giving up.
PG: Yeah definitely

NC: Can you tell us what you have coming up next?
PG: Well the album will be released soon and I and the team will make an announcement on coming up. We have some conferences coming up we will be down in Houston TX August 17th, 2019, We’re going to be down in Atlanta, GA September 28th 2019, we will be down in Jacksonville, FL October 12th 2019

NC: You are definitely one of the people who I always wanted to see live! There are only 3 people that I have wanted to see live and that’s TD Jakes, Sarah Jakes-Roberts and Prophet Garry Robinson! (Laughs with appreciation at my comment)

NC: I know you mentioned the album will be coming out next year but, in the meantime, how can people access the music?
PG: Right now, the music can be found on Google Play and iTunes and Spotify. There will be more platforms coming soon.

NC: Please let everyone know how they can follow you
PG: On Facebook I am Garry Robinson and Prophet Garry Ministries on Instagram I am Prophet Garry Robinson and for anyone who really wants to see what my life is about they can go to my website which is