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A NEIGHBORLY AFFAIR features Dahji McBeth, a gigolo and aspiring sports agent, who’s at the center of the action as Sherrelle struggles between love and financial security between her husband and her neighbor, Marlin, a struggling football player, in this classic suburban erotic tale which proves that love and starvation can’t eat out the same bowl. Peter Mack returns to his debut novel for a classic release after 25 published novels and a PEN America Center book prize. Here his signature flow of interwoven narratives with vivid scenarios and characters that lives on.

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Nyla Daniels has it all: beauty, a lucrative career, and a handsome man, Bryce, that adores her. But, she craves more. She has an unquenchable desire to live a sexual, thrill-seeking lifestyle, where nothing and no one is off limits— especially men. With no one bold enough to check her, she has built a sexual utopia governed solely by her own fanciful rule: one plus one equals three, and for her, this is a non-negotiable term with the sole purpose of satisfying her insatiable appetite. Many have lusted for an opportunity to enter the realms of her enticing world, but how many survive is the question..

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