Allow me to introduce you to…Mr. Jeremiah Clarke!


Jeremiah Clarke grew up in Neptune Township, New Jersey. He was raised by a single mother and with his older brother. Early on in age, Jeremiah was an introvert and loner. That was until he was introduced to football at the tender age of eight, and then he immediately fell in love with the sport.

In his teenage years he was a victim of a robbery and after that life-changing event, Jeremiah refused to ever be a victim again and began lifting weights. After graduation, he attended college in Mississippi to play football. He was then injured and returned back to New Jersey and began pursuing acting and modeling, which was short lived when he became a police officer which lead to him becoming the youngest sergeant in history in the department.

His promotion was short lived as he was injured at work and was forced to retire and it was then he finally to pursue modeling and acting on a full-time basis. Clarke began attending classes at The Barrow Group in New York City where he obtained knowledge of script analysis scene study, monologue and, improvisation. His desire and passion helped him with auditioning and he currently continues to master his craft.

Allow me to introduce you to…Mr. Jeremiah Clarke

KG: You played football and then went on to a career in law enforcement both ended due to injury, why was acting a choice?
JC: Acting has always been a part of me as far back as I can remember. Growing up I would always be the class clown and just making everyone laugh. At the age of 21 I felt compelled to follow my dreams of acting but financially it was in the cards so I went into Law Enforcement. Once I retired from Law Enforcement, I found not only did I have the freedom and time to go after my dream but the funds as well so I’ve been dedicating myself to my lifelong dream.

KG: What was your first paid professional acting job?
JC: I started off similar to all actors with doing background work. My first paid job came with booking an NFL Superbowl Promo commercial this year with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. (Dirty Dancing) which will always be with me to put together both things I loved, being a football player and actor.

KG: As of lately a lot of females have bravely spoken out regarding the #MeToo movement, have you witnessed any type of misconduct?
JC: I have not witnessed it personally and I strongly feel the #MeToo Movement is such a great way to bring light to an issue that’s plagued the industry for both women and men.

KG: Do you believe that racism exists in the acting world?
JC: For the world, we live in, unfortunately, racism does exist and will probably be here after I’m gone. For the acting world, I’ve heard stories of it recently which means its alive and present in the entertainment industry. I’ve been blessed to not have experienced yet but I know it can occur at any moment.

KG: Recently former Cosby Show actor, Geoffrey Owens was shamed for working a 9-5 job at Trader Joe’s, what were your thoughts on this?
JC: My initial reaction was that of being sad. An attempt to publicly shame someone for stepping up to the plate for his family by taking a 9 to 5 is admirable, not shameful. Which again shows for the world we live in today, they (outside world) love us when we are on top but when we’re not, some take that as an opportunity to belittle us to say “hey you’re just like everyone else”

KG: With a dual talent as an actor and model, which do you think is easier to get booked and why?
JC: I definitely found it easier to book acting as opposed to modeling. My type of actor, is on the rise, with the much success gained by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Terry Crews. The “Big Guy” is now being accepted to not just be a tough guy role but now, comedic and even suspense/drama. They’re opening the door for me.

KG: What do you bring to the acting and modeling world that makes you stand out and make you memorable?
JC: Simply put, “Me”. I know there are hundreds of other Male actors/models who look like me, may have the same training as me but I bring an approachable and fun-loving spirit to every job and audition.

KG: Describe a day in your life?
JC: My days are long and people who follow me on social media tell me I’m crazy. I’m by 4 am and off heading to the gym around 4:30am. After that, I start my routine of responding to emails, castings, and messages. I’m also in NYC at The Barrow Group working with a personal acting coach to continue assisting me in my craft all why juggling running around the city on auditions to come back home and get back in the gym.

KG: What’s next for Jeremiah Clarke, what are your short and long-term goals?
JC: My next goal is actually has come to light. I was cast in stage play which begins November 17th , Angel Terron’s “Angry Insecure Men”. I’ve always wanted to test the water off with the stage play and the opportunity came. A long-term goal is to also become a creative writer. I’ve always had a passion for writing and would love to see a vision come to life on the big screen.

KG: How can people stay connected with you?
JC: Social media is by far the best way via Instagram @_jeremiahclarke I’m posting all day and night and I am very responsive to everyone.