Be Unique, Be You! Pigtails Autumn Adventure!

The art of storytelling to young people seems to be an almost lost art. To pair positive, uplifting messages, especially to this generation is greatly needed today.

But we came across this one book during our research for the latest and hottest books out today and we were very pleased!

Pigtails Autumn Adventure is written by Jamie Brown and Darrell McCollum is a delightful story that focuses on identical triplet sisters whose personalities define them and show readers, especially our young sisters,  that your strengths are what make you unique and how to truly love yourself.
From Ashleigh, the oldest and a tomboy, to Jasmyne, the middle triplet who is a princess and Jayda, the scholarly youngest sister that wears glasses, their lives are watched at their grandmother’s house in the country. This the first in a series of books by Brown and McCollum, whose works include children’s books, various short stories, poetry, stage plays, sitcoms and screenplays. The vibrant  artwork by world renowned artist  Lena J rounds out the story perfectly!

I suggest that you get a copy of the book for your child, or as an excellent gift for a young person to encourage and teach them how love themselves!