Modern, Vintage and Flair Fantastic…..this is CHINO’ ARTE’ BY WAYNE®!

The birth of CHINO’ ARTE’ BY WAYNE®  came long before gracing the runway on Sat, April 21, 2018.

At a Media Mixer hosted by Wayne at Dresslers Restaurant, amidst delicious appetizers, flowing  wines,  and networking among media notables, he (Wayne) was frank with in attendance about his brand, his creations…

His creed on this evening; “when you come to my show tomorrow night, you’re going to see all my hard work, my fashion for everyone!” He spoke highly of working with the models in the event, from veterans to newly acquired talent,  he took them under his wing, and shared with them his knowledge of an industry that he’s been a part of for years. One model shared with me  “Wayne really knows a lot, and he cares about us and what he does.”  Backstage prior to the event,  they all received his full attention, direction and total support.

Upon arrival to the event, held at Extravaganza Events and Depot located at 1610 N Tryon Street in Charlotte NC, was a fitting venue to showcase the pieces of CHINO’ ARTE’ BY WAYNE. Billowing drapes of white throughout the venue with a focal point of blue on the runway was perfect in the industrial style of the venue.

His pieces were not limited to one gender, one size, or even a designated style. Each piece created spoke volumes as the models walked the runway. His choice of fabrics, with use of rich and bold colors, married well with his birthed designs. From daring slits and open backed dresses , to laced dresses, vintage pieces and swimwear. Even the men rocking the stage were adorned in dapperness and strength! Each piece debuted on that runway and captured the attention of those in attendance. Ranging from Spring to Summer, Wayne did not hold back from letting everyone know that this is CHINO’ ARTE’ BY WAYNE® , now watch what’s next!

My two favorite pieces I must say was the vintage blue, white and red vintage dress with splits, and the green vintage jumpsuit with flowing sleeves. The red shoes worn by the model and her attitude on the runway as she posed in the piece, made me want to buy it on the spot for my wife Renee! (Yes, that piece was fire!) For the men’s attire,

When you attend a Wayne Lyn event, there is an air of boldness, confidence, and poise. While so many run to NY or LA to gaze upon fashion, we here in the QC have that same creativity, that flair, that energy.

Thank you Wayne, and your CHINO’ ARTE’ BY WAYNE® brand! You’ve jumpstarted Spring/Summer and the fashion element here in the QC! People, stay tuned for more by this amazingly talented designer.

Photos provided by Wayne Lyn