Interview with Adina Howard : Resurrection!

Adina Howard exploded on the scene in the 90’s with her smash hits “Freak Like Me” and “T-Shirt and Panties” She has endured the ups and down of the ever-changing music industry and has still managed to come out on top. She speaks her truth with no apologies and her energy is one of a woman who is on a mission to empower others in their journey. Her most recent album called “Resurrection” has several hot songs including the powerful “Blasphemy” where she addresses the truth about the lack of Black on Black love.  I had the pleasure of interviewing this dynamic woman and here is how it all went down:

Nayomi-  How are you lady?
Adina-  I am blessed marinated and highly favored

Nayomi- Thank you for that, I’m trying to be like you. So let’s start at the beginning for those who may not know. How did you get into music?
Adina-  Well I’m going to say that singing chose me. I came up during a time where we had to sing whether I wanted to or not. Mom always had me singing something for the family.

Nayomi- I’m going to ask you about Freak Like Me and T-shirt and Panties on.  These songs came about during a time where women were looked at as promiscuous and considered easy targets if we sang songs like this. How did you feel recording these types of songs?
Adina – I didn’t like people watching me while I recorded the songs. I didn’t allow anyone to dictate how I felt about myself as a woman. In our society women are perceived as timid and we are only sexual if men perceive us as that. I refused to fall into that category. I know who I am as a woman and not what people want me to be. After it’s all said and done I was fine with recording it because I know who I am and I know what I’m about.

Nayomi- Let’s fast forward to what you are doing now like the projects you are working on now. I know you had an album last year called Resurrected. What did that album mean to you?
Adina- Resurrection was my first Indie Project. It was liberating and refreshing like doors opening and Rebirth, rising from ashes and not fearing nothing. It was definitely rebirth and was from the soul.

Nayomi- That is amazing and a lot of people who have been in the music industry and who have taken the bumps and the bruises often give up but you were like nope I’m hanging in there. I applaud you for what you do because I’m not in the music industry but from what I have heard it can be a very cold place sometimes.
Adina- Yes I have left the music industry before and there are evil spirits that will attach themselves to you and you have to learn how to rid yourself of them. They can get into your spirit and attack your soul. You must protect yourself.

Nayomi- So who would you say has been most instrumental to you throughout your career?
Adina- My family has been very supportive but the best way to find out who is really on your team is to fail or tell someone no. You will really find out who is there for you and who isn’t.

Nayomi- So where are you located California?
Adina- No I’m in Arizona

Nayomi- Ok sorry, what’s in Arizona?
Adina- Arizona is where I take a break from the world. This is my peaceful place.
So you’re touring, you have a new album coming out? Can you give a little more detail as to what you are working on?

Adina- Yes. May 11th I’m performing at the Funk Fest Music Festival in Jacksonville, FL, May 12th I have a speaking engagement at Mission Victory Center also in Jacksonville, FL titled “ It Takes Two Spirituality and Sexuality” then performing in Memphis on May 31st.
Nayomi- Oh wow! You are extremely busy and congrats on everything you have coming up!

Adina- Thank you and yes I am staying busy!
Nayomi- When I was going over some of your information I read that you had become friends with the legendary Tupac Shakur. Can you shed some more light on your relationship with him?

Adina- Tupac was a very good guy, very loyal but he had people around him that influenced him to go in the wrong direction. He was a hot head at times and when that happens there are consequences. Tupac was a Gemini and anyone who knows Gemini’s know that they can flip on you and flip right back at any given time. He had people around him that didn’t have his best interest at heart and therefore things turned out the way they did for him.
Nayomi- Well I’m sure he was a good friend to you and you were a good friend to him. I just hate that things turned out that way for him, but I appreciate you sharing that part of your life with me. At the end of the day these are life lessons that we all must learn.

Adina- Yes and you better learn quick.
Nayomi- Absolutely!

Nayomi- I believe that everyone has a story that could empower the next person. Through all of your experiences within the music industry and outside the industry and just your everyday walk as a woman, what words of empowerment do you have for the next person?
Adina- You are the co-creator of your life. Every decision you make, be mindful of what you say and what you allow into your spirit.

Nayomi- Thank you for those very inspiring words encouragement. What are your social media handles so that people can keep up and follow you?
Adina- Oh yes on Twitter and Facebook I am Adina Howard, for YouTube it’s Adina Howard page, on Instagram:  therealadinahoward.

Nayomi– Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me. You are so amazing, and I wish you nothing but the best.
Adina- Thank you for having me.