New Artist Spotlight: Naf Hamid

Naf Hamid, born Nafi Hamidullah, is an American rapper, song writer and poet. Although born in Upstate NY, Naf resides in Charlotte, NC. Not just your everyday rapper, Naf Hamid takes his influence from the world of Neo-soul and that’s probably the reason he prefers warm sounds and honest song writing.

He grew up listening to Jill Scott’s, Erykah Badu, and Corinne-Bailey Rae. His hip-hop influence is more widespread, however it is most directly impacted by artists who can balance skilled rapping with the ability to make great sounding records that stand the test of time such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Lupe Fiasco, OutKast, Wayne, and Drake. Naf Hamid’s has written dozens of songs and performed locally.

When listening to the creativity of Naf Hamid, songs such as Homegrown, Count Us Out with Producer NineSix, and Mocha Latte, lyrics are kept simple yet focused. (Mocha Latte is our fav)

Check out the links below to see what we are talking about:
Homegrown: Click Here
Mocha Latte: Click Here
Count Us Out : Click Here

To contact Naf Hamid:
704-491-8391    Email:
Instagram : naaf_hamid Twitter: naaf_hamid