Introducing the HELO and HELO Fit App: Love at First Beat!

Health and fitness is very important, so with today’s emphasis on fitness and having to own the latest tech, the HELO and HELO Fit App fits the bill.

The HELO Fit App, designed by WOR(l)D , takes care of the needs of sportsmen and those who love physical activity. Recently at the CES technology event in Las Vegas, the company stepped into the arena with large tech industry companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon to introduce the HELO products: The Helo LX+, Helo Extense, and Helo LX Pro. The products vary from monitoring bio-parameters (heart rate, breath rate, mood & energy and heart check) in real time, storing your measurements in a database to help improve wellness and lifestyle as well as advanced services such as sugar trend measurement. The units are actually fashionable to wear.

The company, notes that WOR(l)D “embraces a new area that extends the boundaries and possibilities of HELO and meets the needs of all who care for their well-being and love fitness and physical activity.” Below is HELO making its debut on the Today show:

The HELO Fit App is available at HELO App Store, at the Google Play Store and soon also at the Apple App Store. HELO uses a Bluetooth connection to work with your smartphone, so all you need to do is download the dedicated app. Connect HELO™ with the App and you are ready to use.

To marry the latest technology, along with the purpose of changing your overall wellness and lifestyle, the HELO seems to be on the right path.

To learn more about these amazing products and join the change toward a healthy lifestyle, click here, and type in alwaysflyhigh to join!