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Literary Treasures: The Innovative Webs Series of Daddy Love

Those who are familiar with me know that I am a fan of literary but that love stems from my true love of written words. You have screenwriters who have adapted books to film and or screenplays all the time. The same premise for web series applies, it all begins with a story. I recently was introduced to a new web series by an actor and entrepreneur, after viewing the urban web series, I was immediately drawn into the web series due to the multiple storylines within just like when you are reading your favorite book. Through some effective networking, I was introduced to the director, Daddy Love and he allowed me to pick his brain about his latest venture…Allow me to introduce you to the Director, Videographer, Photographer, and Entrepreneur, Daddy Love.

KG: What made you want to create a web series?
DL: I wanted to create a web series because I have a creative vision of how I see life, interactions and should be and combine that with a fictional story and Cold Summer was born.

KG: What is the synopsis of Cold Summer?
DL: Cold Summer is an urban web series capturing the day to day life of characters going through personal and conflicting circumstances. The series takes place in Park City, a very dangerous and troubling city. Drugs, gangs, and violence are all too familiar to those that live there and many who do live there want out, but for Jamar Summer its home.
Jamar is the son of Richard “Cream” Summer, Park City’s OG and notorious drug kingpin. Before being incarcerated Jamar was under his father’s wing learning the hustle in and out. While on the verge of taking over his father’s operation Jamar was arrested and sentenced to prison. After serving 12 years, Jamar is a week away from being released when he learns his father, Cream was murdered. On the day of his release, Jamar attends his father’s funeral, surrounded by many people new and old to his memory. By his side is his girlfriend, Victoria Bold who’s been with him since day one. With no time to adjust Jamar prepares to take over the reigns that his father left behind with many obstacles in the way.

KG: When scouting for locations was Asbury Park/ Monmouth County always the first pick as a location for the series?
DL: No, it wasn’t. I just used locations that were best for certain scenes in the series as it was being written out and Asbury Park fit perfectly into my vision.

KG: How did you go about selecting the actors and actresses?
DL: I have a large social media following so I used that to my advantage once I was looking for actors to play the role of the characters.

KG: What role did you play in the actual writing of the adaption of bringing Cold Summer to viewers?
DL: My role in writing Cold Summer was the synopsis and the storyline but my staff writers, Shareese Richardson and Jameen Murphy are responsible for the weekly episodes.

KG: How has the feedback been since the premiere of Cold Summer?
DL: The feedback since the premiere of Cold Summer has been very good. I get both positive and negative feedback. I never take offense to the negative comments because I view it as constructive criticism. It just makes me want to make the next episode that much better. Ultimately I know that I cannot please everyone but I do try to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

KG: How often do you debut new episodes?
DL: Each week viewers will get a new episode.

KG: What is the downside of being a director of a web series?
DL: The downside is the post editing. It requires a lot of time to make sure the shot is placed together properly and if it blends well with the music. I have over 10 years of experience as a videographer and photographer so it is not as complex in this area but more so time-consuming. Another concern of mine is copyright as you get permission to use some things there are other things that are in the series that are seen that could be viewed as a copyright issue, so my job does not end after the cast leaves, in fact, that when the real work begins.

KG: I see you use local entrepreneurs in your series, what made you do this?
DL: I feel that we need to support those in the community and by putting their music and talents in the series, it gives them a wider range of exposure, this is called networking.

KG: Where do you see yourself in five years?
DL: The big screen…I want to make a full feature film. Basically what I am doing now with Cold Summer but on a bigger level.

KG: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to do a web series?
DL: Be like Nike and JUST DO IT!

KG: How can people stay in touch with you?

DL: You can follow the Cold Summer on Instagram @_cold_summer_webseries and on YouTube