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Kyle Knight- Truth in These Lyrics

Photo courtesy of Kyle Knight

Kyle Knight takes aim at helping Hip Hop to regain it conscious message with the release of his EP titled The Truth featuring its debut single “The Truth”, his latest single “Hey Sister”, and its forthcoming single “Addiction”. All have been met with stellar reviews of being a refreshing break from the current climate of hip hop. Kyle took a moment of his day to discuss with Urban Tymes his music, his influences and what new fans can expect from “The Truth”.

Knight’s knowledge and mastery of music is exceptionally impressive. Raised in in a home filled with musical legacy, Kyle Knight’s affinity for his work comes honestly. A natural talent who immersed himself in musical education- studying artist development, songwriting and artistry in vocals. A trip abroad on a humanitarian mission with his grandmother proved a life-altering experience that would be the creative cornerstone of his musical delivery to the world. Sharing his travels helped him to become more worldly and open-minded and helped him to put his travel experiences in his music. Shifting his paradigm, Knight’s own mission became one to uplift and inform on a global scale. His messages of positivity reverberating through each track, hitting as hard lyrically as the instrumentation utilized in each beat

His current single, “Hey Sister” discusses abusive relationships and celebrates the empowerment of women everywhere. It’s video shedding light on the impact simple, positive life choices can have on those who feel helpless to their circumstances. The companion single is a special remix featuring violinist Monique Brook Roberts of TruVibe that intensifies the emotional aspect of Knight’s powerful message.

Gallantly taking on relevant topics in his music Kyle Knight’s self described “reality rap” has shown itself to be sonically and socially apropos. His fan base further proves Kyle’s well-received reception with listeners from the U.S to Africa and beyond. The ear of hip hop is shifting once again, and its most dedicated fans are yearning for more depth, creativity and style. Passed are the days of acceptance of inaudible verses recited on overused, under-served tracks.

Kyle Knight has drawn a lyrically laced line in the sand, and stands atop it with valor. Unapologetically truthful in the message he has to share with the world; he is a man on a mission of truth….and “The Truth” shall set you free.

~Teka Rose, Urban Tymes Contributing Writer
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