Artist Phillip Brandon: The Story Begins…..

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“There’s no time to lose, no time to gain
Find the truth that lies ahead the same
Worry not about how it will end
Life and love will start again and again
The Story Begins…”

Just reading this stanza alone tells you that this is not your average artist. Phillip Brandon hails from music artistry..his father a serious  jazz lover/aficionado who took Phillip to his first concert: George Benson and his mother, loving known as  “Ms. B,”  a former Raelettes backup singer for the iconic singer Ray Charles. This alone laid within Phillip’s spirit the need to create beautiful and powerful music that stirs emotions and connects individuals.

So let’s talk to Phillip….and let him share….

Ok, so this CD you are releasing has , hmm how to put it….beautifully directed music for people to listen too…would that be safe to say? Wow, what a compliment! Firstly, thank you for the kind words and I’ll definitely have to concur. 🙂

I read where you said that “you loved the music of yesteryear” explain why. There was something very special about the music and artistry from back in the day. There is a reason that there are currently artist who have been in the business for 50+ years and are STILL able to sell out concerts today. The music meant something. There was no way to halfway sing or perform it, it had to come from a real place. This is what stood out to me the most and what gives me the inspiration to do my part to make sure that that honest soulful place is continually remembered and honored.

How did you come up with the title “The Story Begins?” By nature & profession I am a storyteller. I am always interested in the story, the journey, the path, etc. I feel as though if you don’t take in & enjoy the journey, the end result can be a bit anticlimactic. All of that being said, I wanted this project to be a bit of a double entendre of sorts – The beginning of my story as a new artist, as well as, the story of the album which is a journey of hope navigated in love.

So as an artist, are you seeing that movement of music being romantic and descriptive again? And if so, is it needed now more than

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ever? I feel that in today’s microwave society we are moving away from allowing people to utilize the gift of their own imagination. I think that this does a big disservice because people could potentially be less inclined to think for themselves. In the world of romantic music or just romance in general, if you’re not able to draw on creativity… how boring! So YES, poetry and story need to be woven all up and through them songs! ( haha)

Your parents of course are musically diverse and experienced, but it seems it wasn’t just that which gave you such a strong talent and base. Their relationship influenced you as well..please share!! 37 years of pure unadulterated REAL love has definitely influenced me. Seeing my father care for his Queen & my mother, her King, has been nothing shy of amazing. It’s funny that my “normal” (growing up in a house with both parents) was often considered abnormal for folks who look like me. I just know that I have led a very blessed life with role models that I can draw inspiration from now until…

Brother, you are multi-talented in so many areas….but tell us, which one do you truly feel comfortable in? I always feel most comfortable walking in my truth. I’m a big black dude with a hopeful outlook in a sometimes not-so-hopeful looking world. Music has always been my personal place and space. It nourishes me and lifts me. It is the audible timeline of my life. If I HAD to pick just one, it will always be music!

What’s next for the amazingly talented Phillip Brandon? As the album releases on 10/20/2017, I intend to tour it in the summer of 2018. Before then, I will be headed back out on the road with the multi-platinum rock group Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Otherwise keep up with me at social media: @PhillipBrandon2