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NeNe Capri never imagined that life would take her down a road that it did. She has experienced her fair share of heartache and heartbreak but even so that did not stop her. Sure she made some mistakes but she eventually found her way and since then she has never looked back nor had any regrets. Today she is a best-selling author, publisher, radio show host, mentor and so much more. This is not bad for a former high school dropout who today holds two degrees and is loved and adored by many…Allow me to introduce you to NeNe Capri.

KG: What is your favorite genre? Why?
NC: Firstly, Thank you so much KG for this opportunity. One of the first things my mother put in my hand was a book, and I will forever thank her for that. I am blessed to be very well read, and because I am a Pre-law/philosophy major, I prefer to read within that caliber or art. I love to read books that build your intellect and expand your conversation. Gary Kuzov author of The Seat of Soul, is one who I lean towards for mental and spiritual strength.

KG: When did you decide to write professionally?
NC: When I was 10 years old for Christmas, my dad gave me a Ziggy journal and a white pen he made from a real bird feather. I knew that I was destined to tell great stories. In 1993 I began my published pen journey and looking back will never be an option.

KG: What is one word to best describe your writing style?
NC: BeastMode. Lol. When I put the pen to the paper, I burn holes in it. And I have yet to tell my best story.

KG: Describe your writing life.
NC: I write in black and white, but, I dream in color. Making my reading Bosses experience that color in rare form is my life’s gift.

KG: What is your greatest literary accomplishment?
NC: I am still waiting to accomplish it. Have me back next year and I will tell you then.

KG: What advice would you give an aspiring author?
NC: Study every facet of the industry. Know something about everything. Don’t leave anything to question, research and read. I think a lot of people forget that the biggest part of our business is READING. Invest. You must have money to be in publishing. Proof reading, Editing, formatting, book cover, and marketing and promotions are all investments your project can not live without. Lastly, I always tell people. “Writing the book is the easy part. Making sure people know it exist is the real work.”

KG: Who is the target audience for readers of your work?
NC: I don’t have a target audience. I tell stories that supersede color, gender, sex and age from one cost to the next. I write to excite the minds of those who dare to take a walk through between my pages. I will say that I am blessed to have a lot of love in the hood and behind the wall.

KG: Tell me about your latest release and what made you write it.
NC: My latest work is Diamonds Pumps and Glocks with authoress Blaque Angel. This story was one I was working on to release as a solo project. In 2014 a friendly book challenge was placed on the table for two female authors to put pen against pen to the same title. The readers voted on the name and the project was on its way. I approached Blaque’s publisher and the challenge was accepted, fast forward a few months we decided the project would be pulled off better with us as a team. With this new fire in out sword we slayed Diamonds Pumps and Glocks. Be on the lookout for, “The Pussy Trap 5: Family ain’t Family. Blood ain’t Blood.” coming soon.

KG: What are some of the current projects that you are working on besides being an author?
NC: I am currently working on The Pussy Trap Live Podcast and Casting for the Pussy Trap Movie. I am also an agent putting artist with the company that best represents their gift. When I am not writing, I am running NeNe Capri Presents, Boss Lady Publishing and Real Raw Radio and The Iron Throne Magazine. Also, coordinating and organizing film, theater, music, and casting sets. I just launched my tee shirt line, Boss Not BYTCH Collection (BYTCH: Be You Teach Confidence & Honor and when I am free from my art I focus on my passion in which I can mentor young girls, two Saturdays a month as the Program Director for Commissioner Bruce Holmes Youth Foundation. I am blessed to have very well rounded work. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

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