When you see the work of Alan Lux studio, you have to realize that this is not your normal studio. The company takes a personal approach to the needs of their clients, via various private services they offer. Alan Lux Studios is a creative, unique, and bold studio that focuses on portrait, commercial, and sports photography.

The genius behind this amazing art is Shamar Allen. His thoughts behind his craft: “What I like most about photography is being able to show people the beauty in things that they’ve never really paid attention to…yes, that includes the beauty within themselves as well sometimes.” The work exhibited in the website is evident of this belief!


What really impressed us was their 29 page magazine: The Natty Girl Series which features and celebrates women of color and their natural hair, and H∙I∙M series, a 37-page magazine highlighting the strength, regal nature and diversity of men of color.
Edgy, innovative, and creative, Alan Studios !

To learn more about Alan Lux Studios, schedule a photoshoot, or obtain a copy of the magazine, visit: