The Wadsworth Estate: A Beautiful Reminder of Charlotte’s History

Nestled in Charlotte’s historic Wesley Heights neighborhood, is a remarkable nostalgic mansion, located at 400 Summit Ave. The Wadsworth Estate is the perfect place to celebrate some of life’s most beautiful occurrences. This home, built in 1911, has been masterfully restored to capture the grandeur of the time. George Peirce Wadsworth was a prominent business man in the Charlotte area, who owned a successful carriage making company. Upon arrival, one can’t help but marvel at the beautifully manicured landscape, which features tastefully designed floral arrays, a beautiful Elizabethan fountain, and one of Mr. Wadsworth’s original carriages. Every part of this estate is reminiscent of a kinder, gentler, wrinkle in time. Whether it’s the rocking chairs that align the striking porch and entry way, or, the stunning foyer which lead to impressive ballrooms and meeting areas, this home allows it’s patrons to relax and enjoy a beautiful reminder of Charlotte’s history.

The current owner of the Wadsworth Estate, has a history of her own. Judge Shirley Fulton was the first African American female judge in Charlotte, NC. Judge Fulton has not only restored the home to mimic the historical time period, she has also incorporated her own modern flair. She has taken the servants quarters and turned it into an extraordinary carriage house or detached event hall. This space features a separate kitchen and room for up to 100 guests. She has also redesigned the rear of the home and added beautiful gardens, cushioned benches and rocking chairs along a shaded, tree-lined walk way. The patio is perfect for listening to jazz or roasting marshmallows by the fire pit, on a warm summer night. Judge Fulton loves for her guest to feel free to unwind and stay a while, so in addition to a meeting space, the Wadsworth Estate is also home to a cozy Bed and Breakfast.Each room in this magnificent home is unique in every way. Judge Fulton has designed every part of her home, with the comfort of her guest in mind. Just imagine a couple being married at the sprawling estate. They can entertain guest in the Carriage House at the reception, then retire to the B and B to begin their new lives together. The next day, they can discuss all the possibilities of their new union, in the peace and tranquility of the Wadsworth Estate’s pastel blue sun room. They could even reminisce about their first date, in the library or sitting room, where the men of 1911 would often retire, for an after dinner cigar. This home is filled with the legacy of the past and all the possibilities of the future.

The romantic elegance of the Wadsworth Estate is a reflection of all that Charlotte has to offer. Not only is it a picture-perfect setting for weddings, it can also be a seamless retreat or an impeccable space for an upscale social event. This home offers text book class and sophistication, to all who desire a taste of history, accented with modern style.

400 S Summit Ave, Charlotte, NC 28208

Phone: (704) 332-3050