An interview with Jazmyn Simon: Female Lead Star of “Ballers”

At the premiere of Ballers, we got the opportunity to speak with Jazmyn Simon, the female lead star in HBO’s hit series. To watch her in this series, one would not suspect that this was her first major role in a television series, yet don’t be fooled, her craft has been honed via her studies in in Las Vegas and Chicago, and cast in various television and movies. Her character Julie Greane is strong and supportive, yet shows that behind the character is something amazing that is ready to shine. Her arrival, full of energy and fun as she spoke to media and fans alike!

UT: Welcome! How are you today sis?
JS: Hot and humid! 

UT: It is a bit humid today in Charlotte. We are normally known for our tepid weather and Carolina Blue skies!
JS: I guess I brought the heat! (Laughing) Sorry guys!

UT: So you are here in the QC, promoting the third season of Ballers. I know you are excited!
JS: I’m very excited! I feel very blessed and fortunate to be on this journey one more time. Many shows are not fortunate enough to have a season three, we did, so I’m grateful to God for that!

UT: Yes, and think about it, the 20th episode, left us all in suspense…
JS: Right! Dwayne’s (Johnson) character Spencer hobbled and hip surgery!

UT: Yes, he was! So now you have to tell us, because your character (Julie Greane) plays a strong character, dealing with a husband (Charles Greane) who has made that transition, retiring from football and changing into another role. What can we expect in season three from you?

JS: You know, I’m excited to say in season three, we are still going through transitions. In life and in marriage there is always something that pops up. Julie kinda steps out on her own and does her own thing work wise this season, what you really haven’t seen. You’ve seen her really supporting her husband the first two seasons, a lot of people really don’t know that she’s a doctor. So she’s doing her job, as a doctor this season, and just letting it be known that he needs a little more help than she does in the work arena!

UT: With that transition that you mentioned, will there be any hint that Charles, as all football players do when retiring, going toward a more lucrative deal for his character?
JS: I’ll say when the season starts and ends, he’s still in the front office with the Miami Dolphins still. He’s in the front office of the Miami Dolphins. In the last season. Larry Seifert, who’s played by my fiancée Dulé Hill, shout out to Dulé baby! He offered him (Charles) an Assistant GM position in the front office, and that caused a few problems with my character Julie, because he’s busy every day. It’s a 365 days/ job, so he’s still in the front office when we start and when we finish the season but there’s some bumps in the road and in the middle there!

UT: So one last question, you mentioned being blessed for seasons one and two, now we have season three. Is it more like a family to you rather than a job over the seasons? Have you and the cast grown closer, see certain things that can occur with the cast and feed off each other, which in turn shows in the episodes we get to watch?

JS: 100 percent! I think that we were fortunate enough to shoot a show in Miami together, and none of us were from Miami. Dwayne lived in Southern Florida, so he was the only one that is home based, but the rest of the crew and the cast were all from Los Angeles. So season one we got extremely close. So imagine being on an island where you don’t know anybody except for the people that you came to the island with. So I would say I had at least one meal a day with one of my cast mates. Breakfast, lunch or dinner I was with one of them. I was honestly with Donovan the most, he is like my little brother, and we all became extremely close in seasons one and tow. In season three we shot in Los Angeles, but we still remained close. We are all on this journey together and there’s only a few people that can understand the journey like these people (my cast mates) can. We love each other and it truly is a family, except for Dulé, he’s not my brother, he’s going to be my husband (smiling). See what I’m saying!

I remember when Dulé and I first started dating, we all went out and I said “I’m out with all my brothers, this is great! “And Dulé said, “I ain’t your brother!” (Laughing)

UT: We want to thank you again for coming to the QC and Urban Tymes thanks you for the opportunity to learn more about you Jazmyn and your character Julie Greane! Let’s make sure our readers follow you and the HBO series Ballers.

JS: Yes Ballers, July 23rd, 10 pm on HBO, right after Game of Thrones! Please watch us!