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Angelia Scott-Dunbar: #mystoryourjourney

The bio of Angelia Scott-Dunbar is an inspirational one but talking to this wonderful sister gave way to many more layers to be shared. Born and raised in Arkansas, she notes that her father was a heavy influence on her life. Even during our interview she gave acknowledgement to her parents’ involvement in her life, and even stated that when her father went through his trial with cancer, it gave Angelia the strength and encouragement to face that same challenge as well!

Yes one can see the successes she’s had in the real estate industry, from the creation of her own mortgage company “Serenity Mortgage,” to the very successful company, “Dezmond Homes.” But with any accomplishment, there’s bound to be set backs. She proudly shares how she overcame domestic violence, attempted murder, kidnapping, ousted from a real estate company that she was part owner and her latest challenge, cancer. Yet through it all, Angelia remains steadfast in faith, and her believe that others can come out of the dark times and become successful!

Angelia, I’ve read in your bio that everyone rants and raves about your entrepreneurial spirit. It seem as your faith truly leads and guides your walk in business.
Yes, and that’s correct, because I come from a background where my family, meaning my mother and my father were heavily rooted into the word of God and into church. So I didn’t have options growing up, and actually I thank God today when I didn’t before, that those options I didn’t have caused me to be where I am right now in my faith. And that faith has carried me through so many obstacles and so many trials and tribulations. Because of my faith, I’ve been able to overcome so many things that the average person couldn’t withstand. They can’t understand how you could go from being kidnapped, being beaten and being broken. Being rejected and being told what you could be and what you couldn’t be, could have, couldn’t have, who you are going to be, and how you said no: I know what God created me to be! People cannot understand how I stand firm after everything that I have gone through, and my faith has really bought me full circle, it’s steadily defining me daily. Its helping me build who I am so I can go out, inspire and bless so many other people who need just an ounce of what I have when it comes to faith.

“Slaying with Broken Pieces” was noted to be one of your recognized achievements. What prompted you to say “I’m going to put pen to pad and write this?”

Because I realized that I was saved for a reason. My book was written because for so long I was held a victim of my own story, a victim of my own life. I knew what I’ve gone through, but I was afraid to open up and publicly share and expose. Because you have to expose who you are, and when you think about helping someone else and blessing someone else, it means you’ve got to be open and expose. Exposure is something we all are afraid of because it shows our weakness. People only see out good side, at least that’s what they think, but that good side was created because of my bad side, and what I had to go through. So when I put that pen to paper, I really was not free from what I was free from! Yes I was set fee from being kidnapped, free from domestic abuse, set free from being a single parent twice. I was set from being divorced twice, set free from starting a business then being put out of the business because they couldn’t control who I was as a woman and couldn’t define me. So when I look at being set free from all that, I was still what…locked up in captivity? Because I was afraid to go tell the next person, “you can overcome that, I did!” But I didn’t even tell you what I went through.
So when I say I had to write Slaying With My Broken Pieces, people had to know I had a voice, and I had to start using my voice because so many people have gone through what I’ve went through, but were afraid to tell it/ They are afraid to try to step out and become successful, try to step out and become free. So I realized, I’m taking back my power.
(It’s all possible, if you believe in yourself)

So by you writing this, you had to heal yourself before you can be an example and heal others as well. That’s amazing! From “victim to Victor” is your mantra, and that has been the catalyst for your non company, Life Changing Community Development Corporation.
Yes! Life Changing Community Development Corporation was established to help other people that are less fortunate, because I was a single parent I like to help other single parents. As you’ll see in my book, I was a single parent working three jobs, and I worked three jobs to take care of my child who was nine months old when I moved from Arkansas to Dallas. In doing so it required me to give up all freedoms to keep my son off welfare, to show him you can work hard and not be in the streets and not sell drugs. I didn’t have to sell my body when people came and propositioned me and said “I can give you more money” I didn’t do that! I tell people when I made it out, I showed them that I didn’t do all that to get to where I am, I just had to keep working hard. I was a victim, but I became a Victor, because I was able to stand firm on my faith, and what was already rooted and embedded in me, and I knew what I wanted. So I sow back into other single parents, and show them that you can come out of it. Let me help you, let me mentor you; give you a piece of hope. They day someone believed in me, they didn’t believe in someone else, so therefore that why I am where I am. Someone believed in me, so I’m believing in other people, so I sow seeds into them. I give back to the community by feeding the homeless, because I could have been homeless, but I wasn’t. I was so close to being homeless that people didn’t even know. There were times I didn’t even have toilet tissue, I was taking tissue from my job. It’s time to tell people the real struggle, because I did what I had to do not to be in the streets, not to sell my body, not to sell my soul, and not to be on welfare. Because I knew it was just a moment in time before I came out. I’m a cancer survivor, so I give money to those that need help with dealing with cancer. I went through that, and God saved me from that as well. There’s no area in my life that I can’t inspire someone else because I’ve gone through it for a reason. That’s to show you that it’s possible to overcome it.
We have to change our mindset, and choose to live what we are going through. When I say choose to live, I mean choose to live above the thought of what the situation is.

I’m so passionate about it because so many people just need hope. People are left hopeless because people don’t believe you can be recover from whatever. It takes a lot to stand firm on your faith and be exposed! It’s the only way you can have that testimony, if you’ve gone through that test!