Embracing Her Gifts: Accepting Her Crown…Klashaa!!!

She’s known as a Celebrity designer, Entrepreneur, Wife, and Mom. Her works are bold and innovative making major moves in various industries and garnering the respect and accolades from many. Urban Tymes own Carey Digsby sat down with the rising star and talked family, business and empowerment of sisters today to follow their dreams and accept their crowns!

CW: Klashaa! Hey!!!!!              

 K: Hey!!!

CW: How are you?                                                                                                                                                               

K: Doing well, long trip here!

CW: Yes, you came out from the DC area!                                                                                                                       

 K: Yes with two kids (lol) 

CW: Oh wow! So tell us what brings you to the QC?                                                                                                            

K: I came here to visit some family, handle some interviews, and follow up on some things.

CW: Everyone knows Klashaa the brand, and you are the face of the brand. How did it come to be? How did you come up with the concept for such an amazing line?                                                                                 

K: I’ve wanted to get into fashion since I was about 10 years old.  Now my daughter, who’s eight, now, wants to get into fashion too!  I started out modeling and acting, but then I didn’t know which way to go which way to go. I then found myself at home, laid off a job, pregnant with my youngest child, so after that I decided I was going to make my own business, and it looked like fashion was the way to go, that was my passion and what I always wanted. The creativity, the art, everything!

CW: We know you also have the line, but you also have your couture line, which is hot!                                              

K: Sure! I love creativity and color, so it was a no-brainer for me to do my couture line. I have a couple of different lines coming out, as well as a plus sized line for my curvy women, so I can’t wait for that!

CW: I know the sisters are going to love that as well, because the way you use color is amazing! It’s bold and sensual at the same time. Like the Prince Purple jumpsuit you did..wow!                                                             

K: Yes, I loved that!

CW: That was fire! His Royal Badness would’ve loved that as well! You mention your fashion lines, and we talked about the couture lines. Now I heard that your pieces are in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta…how did that occur?                                                                                                                                                             

K: I reached out to casting with LHHATL to see if they needed designers. I sent the producer some of my pieces, and he was like “come on down!”  I was on my way to LA, got the call at the airport, so I flew back from LA on a Sunday, and then flew to ATL on a Thursday.

CW: Opportunity!                                                                                                                                                                  

K: Yes, yes!

CW: You’ve mentioned modeling; you’ve shared with us your line, now you also mentioned acting. Will we get to see Klashaa on television or the big screen in the future?                                                                          

K: I definitely would like to dab back into it! Modeling is fun, but I can model for my own line now! That’s not a big thing for me, but acting, I would definitely love to do that.

CW: Your little ones are here, have they too been bitten by the fashion bug?                                                        

K: Yes! So my eight year old came up with the concept of “Kook Kids” spelled with a K, we do K’s in my family. Kadence and Kimora my two kids will have the Kook Kids Line, the eight year old will design  tomboy looks for here and girl looks for the little one!

CW: Oh now that’s Kool!!! That’s cute! And bringing them up in the business, to be fully aware of how to do it, that’s great!                                                                                                                               

K: Yes, my eight year old wants a kiosk for her 9th birthday so she can sell her stuff.  I was like “how do know what that is?” (Laughing)

CW: That’s impressive! Wow, you know other kids her age are talking about getting video games and toys, but she want to be the entrepreneur, and wants a kiosk!                                                                                  

K: It’s in the family. Both my parents own their own business here, so we’ve all been taught to do that, become entrepreneurs.

CW: Community is also important to you. Currently you have a non-profit you’ve been working on for a while.                                                                                                                                                                              

K: Yes, it’s called “I’ve Been Crowned” It’s reminds women that we’ve born with crowns on our heads. It came about as a hashtag that I started, then people started asking what it meant, and it was birthed from there. I got my t-shirts created, like the one I’m wearing now, and I went out one day and I got stopped so many times! So right now we are working on the Empowerment Brunch Tour, which starts in DC on May 20th, and we are coming to Charlotte, Atlanta and hopefully adding Los Angeles to the brunch! We are looking to having speakers that will give testimony of things they have been through and their triumph from it. That’s the basis, to be a support system and support each other. I think that we as women go through a lot, that we tend to carry. We tend to not let it out or say anything to anybody, so this brunch is an opening for that. I’m hoping to bridge many support systems and networks all over the country with this.

CW: That’s amazing, and so much needed right now! Thank you for bringing that to the sisters!                       

K: This is the time for women to stand up for each other definitely.

CW: So what’s the next step for Klashaa?                                                                                                                         

K: More interviews here in the Charlotte area, so I’ll be here twice a month. I’m also unveiling a new line on my 30th birthday, which is August 13th, so I’m doing a big fashion show for that. And hopefully you’ll see me on Love and Hip Hop again!

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