#OURVOICES: Shaun “Lucky” Corbett

When you meet Shaun “Lucky” Corbett, you meet a quiet man that is focused at his chair, a devoted father, event creator, and great businessman. But Shaun is also the community servant. A brother with a vision to make his community better and those he comes into contact with. From Cops & Barbers to meetings with those that are in the public’s eye and hold political power.

His message is clear with each one he meets. It’s about the community…….

“When I was growing up, I didn’t have, so when I did get into a position to have, I wanted to give to my community. I wanted to be an example for those young brothers, that instead of going out here and doing the drug dealing and robbing people, you can obtain so much more on your own. The barbershop was the cornerstone of the community, helped those in need and giving back always. That’s what I want this to be, a positive influence! ““The way I see it, I myself shouldn’t grow and my community not grow as well.”

“I truly feel that as African American men, we truly need to totally restructure how we think and view each other! We have been conditioned to think that the only way we can get up is by standing on the neck of our brother but we will bend over backwards for someone that doesn’t even look like us. We have to realize that this system isn’t designed with our success in mind and at the time it was designed, we were in a horrific state as a people. To date, we are still operating within that same system that was designed to keep us divided, in competition with each other and at our own throats. But, in all truth we’re supposed to be doing the exact opposite; operate in a spirit of togetherness and unity.”