Itz Karma

She’s the “Diva of Hip Hop Blues” which alludes to a smooth culmination of two music styles that are influential indeed. This Texas native is not just a performing artist, but a multi-talented artist. With modeling and acting as part of her repertoire, she’s established her longevity in this industry for sure.

A recent performance in Baytown TX showed a glimpse of her versatility, as she brought to those in attendance her powerful rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” then dropping spoken word on the crowd, followed by “I Deserve.” Karma has just released her New EP titled, “Bold and Beautiful” on iTunes which is getting rave reviews!

Ok..we have to ask….where did the name “Itz Karma” come from? The name came from “life” itself, my life. Through life we learn many lessons. I’m not perfect. There was a time where my “Karma” wasn’t always good, but when you know what peace is and you’d rather be kind to people, smile more, give more, and help more…you receive more. I’m not just speaking of monetary or gifted items, but receiving joy from watching your works being shared. “What you put out is what you get back” When I sing good music, I get that good feeling back from my audience.

How did you know that music was your calling? When I was little, it’s all I did. I was in talent shows, singing on the back of the bus, rapping and doing a little pop-locking for all you old school readers. I would sing so much my mom’s favorite words were “will you please be quiet.”

Any regrets or setbacks? I don’t have any regrets, but just like with anything in life we have setbacks. I was a wife and mother of small children in the studio as much as I could be with a wonderful producer from NC named Brian Morgan @briankmorgan, in my earlier years of music. Though music was my passion and it bled though my soul, my obligations and responsibilities was my family first. My husband, at the time didn’t mind me being in the studio, but he didn’t like the idea of me performing, too much. When I became single, I went full speed ahead! Now a setback is only a setup from God so I stay prayed up to receive what he has in store for a sister next!

There is now a resurgence of the R&B music scene. What are your thoughts? It’s time for R&B to flood the air ways. I love all types of music, but R&B tell stories of love, life, relationships, feeling blue, etc. My music falls in several genres but performance wise, I’ll do a R&B/Blues/Neo-soul show first! Fun question; what was your most memorable performance and why? My most memorable performance had to be a New Year’s Eve live show in Baytown and my father came. We’ve rebuilt our relationship over the years and to see how proud of me he was, still put a huge smile on my face. My momma has always been there. She gets in the limos like they are hers. She locks up VIP with her friends, lol but I’ll never forget the day my dad showed up. Brother can cut a lil rug too.

You receive a call from an artist you’ve always wanted to collab with…that artist is….Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx…I’ve been loving his voice since In Living Color. He released an album back in the day called “Peep This” and I still know all the songs! Just one song!

What’s next for Itz Karma? International is next. My music is currently streaming in places such as Africa, Australia, Canada and more with great ratings. I am truly grateful to all that follow me and support me. There are upcoming concerts, new video shoot for “The Life” ft. DeeSmuve @deesmuve, and I have another huge photo shoot soon. Log on to for updates, videos, music and more!

I’d like to give a special thank you to you Mr.Digsby for allowing artist like myself to have a platform to share our stories with the world!

Hugs, Karma