The music of Hendricks, a lot of burning questions sis!!!  Your fans , they say Hendricks is strong, and fearless, with a pop of femininity! Sis, you made a statement: R&B Realness…


Talk about that

Well, you know I don’t want to come out throwing shade or anything, but the state of R&B, I feel as though it’s not the same.  I feel like a lot of people that are coming out and they say they do R&B, it really doesn’t sound like it. It sounds like Pop or Rap. Simply I’m giving you real R&B, like the real 70’s 80’s 90’s feel when people were singing. So that’s what I mean by that.

I feel you, there’s been many other artists that have echoed those same sentiments in regards to today’s music, the state of R&B, from the lyrics to the song’s intent. I know for a fact, you love 90’s R&B music!

I do, I really do! I’m a big fan, I grew up in the 90’s. I love all types of music, actually, I sing a lot of Chaka Khan, and Anita Baker. I listen to a lot of Prince and stuff like that, but the 90’s, it has my heart. I love the 90’s!

Do you love it because of the lyrical content was more intense than it is right now?

Well yeah, definitely more intense. To me, it was more about love. I was just speaking to someone about this the other day, the 90’s music, you were either making love or you’re in love.  So you know it was all about love, and the begging , “baby come back!” and all that stuff (laughing) Guys were trying to do right and sing to you and make you feel nice. But now , it’s just…I don’t know where they are going with it right now.

Let’s talk about your single “No Good.” I’m a guy, so gotta throw it in in there. You are going to have to explain “No Good” to the readers, all the men out there.  What’s up with “No Good?”

“No Good” is, well basically I feel everyone has been in this situation, men and women.  You’ve been involved with someone that you know you shouldn’t be dealing with, but for whatever reason you still hang around and knowing that the situation is not good. It’s just “No Good.”  It is what it is with that, based off a true story, and I felt like it was something that everyone could relate to.

During your musical career, who would you say really encouraged you to do this?

Oooh, that’s a good one! I actually have a very supportive family. My family is super supportive, my Mom in particular. I think everybody’s mom is their big fan, but my Mom is like the biggest fan, the president of the fan club, everything! She wears a lot of hats, and she’s not like one of those mom’s that says “you did a good job” no she’s like “look…you know that note was off right?” “You know you need to tighten up right?” and I appreciate that because that’s how you keep getting better. You don’t need people saying yes to you all the time and think that everything you are doing is popping when it’s not. That true input, that’s how you grow, so definitely her, my Mom.



I like that, it’s wonderful to hear that, especially today, when artists get so caught up in the melee of this business, you recognize that your family is your great support system. That’s encouraging!

Thank you! They really are, and I think I’m lucky. At first it was a little weird to me, because I’m like the only one in my family that can sing really well.  So they would make me sing during family functions, but I wouldn’t just be singing. They would set up a whole panel like American Idol and they would all judge me! (Laughing)  I would hate it, but looking back on it now I really appreciate it because it made me really want to become better, and made me not be content.  So I kept working until I got all yes from them!

You are also stepping out in the T.V. realm also!

Uh oh!

How was that for you? To be in front of the camera? Is there more of that to come for Hendricks?

Yes it is actually! It was really cool, to be working on the set of Being Mary Jane , to speak with the Directors and Gabrielle Union. They were really cool, and encouraging. Really down to earth people that gave a lot of feedback on what we would need to do to become even better. It was a cool experience and I’m definitely love to get into it more and do it. Music is my first love, but I love acting too. I was the Drama Club president back in high school, you know…(laughing) I got a little experience !

Yes! Sister got skills! What’s next?

I’m really trying to elevate, whatever I puts my hands into just a step to get me closer and further to where I want to be.  My project I’m currently working on is my EP entitled Based on a True Story. I’m really excited about it. I’m out here getting ready to perform during Spring Break, along with several shows coming up. I’m just out here grinding, and get involved in everything I can.