Travis Woodard

Travis Woodard, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Military Veteran born in Greensboro, North Carolina and devoted father currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Woodard is the passionate owner of Resolve Therapy & Wellness a massage therapy wellness center specializing in Massage Therapy, Clinical Massage and more. Outside of working his massage therapy business, he likes to stay active by indoor rock climbing and bowling.
Woodard attended, graduated and obtained licensure at Southeastern Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina and also holds certification in Personal Training. He is very serious about his craft and stays current with education and trends by taking continued education classes. Opening Resolve Therapy & Wellness in 2016, Travis developed the concept of the center because he wanted to help his clients to “resolve” their problems. The mission of Resolve Therapy & Wellness is to continue to educate and show people the importance of massage therapy for their overall quality of life.

A new year, and people note that is the beginning of a “new you” What are your thoughts on that?

I don’t think people should wait until the new year and because I feel it is a trend that people tend to follow. But on the flipside, if that’s the spark that it takes for a person to get where they need to be health-wise, kudos to them!

So many times, it seems hard to get started down that road to body wellness. What are some tips that someone can utilize to begin the process, or get over that hurdle?

Figure out your reasoning or “your why” in order to help you get started and keep your path to wellness.

When training and working with your clients, what is the number one concern they have, or area they are trying to change?

 #1 concern is weight loss, most women need help with their stomach and want to build curves.

Travis, how important is massage therapy in everyday life?

That’s a long answer (laughs). The short answer depends on what you want to achieve. Long answer: 


Massage is very important whether its a:

-Mother with three kids, Full-time job and is stressed but looking to de-stress

-Athletic person who works on the regular and deals with soreness but looking for relief

-Tension headaches can help to relieve that pressure that causes the headache.

 You definitely do a lot to help other reach their physical goals, which also lead to mental strengthening and a positive outlook. Share with us, what Travis does to “unwind?”

If the weather is nice, I like to do outdoor activities and also ride on my motorcycle; it proves to be very therapeutic to me. If I have time, I like to lounge, lay around and be lazy because I’m always busy.    

Thanks again!