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Teka’s Take On…I Am Woman.

I Am Woman; a declaration that echoes the sentiment of women of all races, shapes, sizes and ages worldwide. Hear us ROAR as we take on the third month of the year preparing to March into an era of bold demands for change. The movement for change has been a request of women since  the beginning of time; stop treating us as the “lesser” of the genders. It’s high time our superb femininity stop being mistaken for an inability to contribute to every facet of and within society. Yes, a woman can do everything men do physically, mentally, emotionally and yeah, we do it even better in a lot of cases…but I digress.

I am in no way am speaking for every woman in the world, to each her own. We all have differing views on the issues, but we can all agree- numbers don’t lie. An estimated 4,956,422 MILLION women participated in the January 21st Women’s March on Washington. 673 organized Sister Marches in solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families took place across the globe. Women and the men who support them came out in droves all over the world, including our beloved Queen City to recognize that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country (as written in the Women’s March Organizers mission statement). The Women’s March on Charlotte drew about 10,000 participants, who walked, from First Ward to Romare Bearden Park, singing, chanting and standing in love, peace and a desire for change. Each city, every country that participated represented a step in uniting communities and imparting a grassroots change. Women have fought for decades against the beliefs that we are damsels in distress. Despite the extremely relevant and necessary contributions made to the world as we all know it. Women have played vital roles in society throughout history which have been lost, dismissed and disregarded as many of us tend to be today. Those women who fought so feverishly for basic human rights sparked a passion in millions of girls and women for generations to come to demand no less than the chance to be considered equal. We do not wish for war, but will march alongside any man to defend our own with such a fury that could leave the strongest of soldiers quivering like a delicate flower in a hurricane.

Women matter. Without us, life would literally cease to exist. Women are multi-talented, multifaceted wonders of the universe that one should never try to understand or underestimate for that matter. The Leader of the “Free” (term used as loosely as humanly possible) world, #45 we’ll call him is one of the most publicly candid misogynists we’ve witnessed in such a position; be so open with his anti-woman sentiments….especially with the now infamous “grab ‘em by the pu**y” statement floating on the pouty lips of those who mimic him. But let’s face it, that mindset didn’t come from just anywhere…it’s the way a lot of men have regarded women. As property, props or…I won’t say it again but please see aforementioned word spelled using asterisks. The argument could be made that not all women seek equality, honor, or respect by the actions of a few women who tend to lean on their femininity for profit, or gain in some form or another. However, that same argument could actually be made for men; dare I say more-so? The validation for power and respect in the corporate sector, entertainment industry, athletics and beyond has always been highly sought after and desired by men. And we’ve all bore witness to the things that they will do to climb the ladder to success in one form or another. But I won’t be petty here; this is about the women, our suffrage and our empowerment. We also cannot group men in the same category as we wish not to be. There are plenty of men who respect and acknowledge our strength and our struggle, so we must be able to recognize and know how to differentiate those men from the others.

March is our month that we are recognized. March is Women’s History Month. We will celebrate those who throughout history have contributed to our growth as individuals, as scholars, educators, scientists, doctors, lawyers, customer service representatives, entrepreneurs and as women. We will continue to fight for equality. We will continue to organize and produce change daily. We will join our sisters and supporters everywhere for International Women’s Day on March 8th and participate in A Day Without A Woman movement to reflect the change we wish to see. We must fight on. Fight to uplift each other, fight to promote positivity within and around our communities. Be builders spiritually and emotionally to the young daughters who are watching our every move. Be slow to pass judgment on those we do not understand and instead, impart your knowledge on those who may need it. Teach your children so that they become self-sufficient and do not rely on the knowledge of others. Make their fragile minds so covered in strength and dignity there’s no room left for doubt or self-hate. The time is now, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Take action today to help mold the minds of the future. Be strength, be beauty, be bold. You are WOMAN, my sisters….let me hear your ROAR! Be love, because you are love.

~ She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

~ Teka Rose

 Urban Tymes Contributing Writer

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