Style Tips for Slip On Shoes

Men have been involved in a bit of a love/hate relationship with their shoes. While the most fashionable of items will usually be brogues and other leather shoes, these shoes tend to contain various fashion statements like lifts and other wedges that can make them very uncomfortable for long periods. Unfortunately, this is causing a host of health issues for guys and anatomical issues like plantar fasciitis are on the rise. The slip on shoe, while very casual in its approach, tends to solve a lot of foot pain issues for guys while at the same time making them a sort of bulls eye for office ribbing.

Fortunately, this season has brought with it quite a few different slip on shoe designs that have become far more fashionable and acceptable as formal footwear options. It means men can pair their shoes with their most casual jeans and slacks and may even unexpectedly find themselves wearing their shoes with a full three-piece suit. Today’s fashion designs have allowed for this, but there are a few rules that men need to be aware of in the process.


Slip on shoes tend to be seen as most appropriate when paired with a layered outfit. This is exactly why wearing them with a full three-piece suit tends to be seen as appropriate under today’s fashion rules, but it also means men can pass their slip on shoes around various outfits and might even seen regular wear during the fall and winter when layering is the norm. When it comes to layered casual outfits, there is a sort of “retro” thought with images of the 1990s coming through for most men, but this needn’t be the case. So long as men enter the world equipped with items that can be removed and put on as needed, then their slip ons will fit seamlessly into the whole idea of layered outfits.

Cuffed Trousers

Wearing unhemmed trousers with slip on shoes is inappropriate. Men will need to have their pants hemmed to their ankle’s length. For a more casual approach, men may choose to hem their pants slightly above the ankle line to draw attention to particularly fashionable slip on shoes, but this will become more of an issue in formal settings and will likely be seen as a faux pas. A standard cuff is appropriate in most settings.

Choosing Slip on Shoes

GvS Clothiers have an exceptional example of fashionable slip on shoes in our brown slip on with tassel option. These brogues are made out of real leather, so may be paired with a full suit without any issue and will be suitable for office wear, but will come equipped with all of the comfort and health improvements that wearing a slip on provides. It’s a win win for any man!