#OURVOICES: Lee Williams- Positive One

Linel “Lee” Williams, III was born and raised in Carthage, NC, just outside of Charlotte, NC. Lee learned how to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities given to him from his parents. His athletic ability and drive earned him a scholarship to the University of Richmond, where he graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Religious Studies.

After graduation, Lee began his career working his way up in the Enterprise Rent-a-Car management program before switching career paths and working for Travelers Insurance as a claims adjustor. While successful in his career, Lee’s passion for life has always led him to seek out other ventures and hobbies.

This passion also led him into a conversation with friend and business partner Mark Frazier. During that conversation one summer night the two discussed how they could make life better not just for themselves, but for the world…and that night the concept that has become Positive One was born.

Positive One is a mindset. Individuals who are Positive One see their lives and the world through a positive lens. They recognize their own unique gifts and try to use them to help improve the world and not give in to the doubt and fear that keeps people from even trying. Positive One promotes individuality over conformity; be bold and be proud of who you are regardless of societal or peer pressure saying differently.

The goal of Positive One is to change the world through optimism and positivity and develop a world where people are comfortable and confident to be whom they are and not judge or be judged by others. Positive One believes no one person is better than another because of what they have, can/can’t do, what they look like, whatever the reason. People are simply different and it’s the differences that bring the beauty out in the world.

The Positive One mindset promotes individuals developing their own gifts in life and not focusing on the gifts of others. When individuals make the decision to focus on what they can control and contribute to their community, we can begin building stronger communities throughout the world.