#OURVOICES: Bishop Marvin L McMillan-Galilean Deliverance Community Church

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Bishop Marvin L. McMillan is the Founder/Pastor of the Galilean Deliverance Community Church, Sounds of Praise, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, under the covering of Apostle Allen H. Simmons. Bishop grew up in a full gospel, bible believing, Pentecostal church under the leadership of the late, Bishop Nathaniel Pollock. Born an ambassador for Christ, in 1978, at age 11 Bishop confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and was baptized with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Bishop faithfully served in the Church of Christ Written in Heaven organization while growing up. He started singing in the church from the age of 3, and as he grew older, he directed and sang with different choirs and groups and he was also known as an anointed soloist. Bishop has recorded professionally with some of those choirs and groups but that was only the beginning of his ministry. However, from a child, it was evident that Bishop McMillan was a preacher. Bishop was called into the ministry at the age of 16 and after years of running from God, in 1992, Bishop decided to stop and answer the call to run with God. “IF YOU CAN’T BEAT HIM….YOU MIGHT AS WELL, JOIN HIM!” In 1996, Bishop was ordained in the Church of God in Christ, Atlanta, GA., by then, Presiding Bishop Chandler D. Owens, and in 2004 he was consecrated as Bishop.

Bishop is a third generation preacher who operates under the apostolic anointing to do the will of God. He is a member of cross denominational partnerships, as well as Community Based, Faith Based Initiatives and collaborations committed to the spiritual, physical and mental growth, as well as, the financial independence development of the Body of Christ. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, he actively travels, internationally, sharing his many testimonies of how the Lord saved, healed, delivered and set him free from many adversity encounters. Bishop is an Evangelist, Prophet, and Conference Speaker, whose anointed ministry imparts life, reconciliation, healing and restoration through impromptu Holy Spirit lead illustrations. Bishop McMillan demonstrates a level of biblical and theological knowledge suitable for the ministry. The wisdom and insight he embodies is evidence of his prominence as a leader after God’s own heart. His influence, as a visionary and leader, is a direct result of his diversity as a multi-dimensional man of God.

Bishop McMillan is married to the lovely Elect Lady Vengie McMillan, whom God has anointed and given a powerful ministry, as well; they are blessed with 3 gifted children, MarVenus, MarJanae and Marvin, Jr.

Bishop McMillan is inspired by his Parents, Elder Jeremiah and Elder Gloria McMillan, who has always believed in and encouraged him from a child to the present. Motivated by what he was taught over the years by the leaders in his life. God’s call for Bishop to be a “protector”, led him to establish his own security business, “The Hidden Muscle”. Known as a man with muscles in the physical, Bishop strives to let everyone know that the “hidden muscle” is God’s Holy Spirit, strengthening him to do the impossible. Bishop is also the founder of “Muscle Praisers”, a next generation youth group geared towards praising God as they discover and receive every promise that he has made for their lives.

Last, but not least, Bishop was in a head on collision car accident in 2005, where he was pronounced DEAD, at the scene. God awakened him, gave him the keys to the kingdom, and propelled him to go to the next level. With the Holy Spirit in charge, Bishop boldly announces, “We are still walking through doors that God has opened for us; we refuse to carry keys and not use them!!!!!!”

Tune in to his radio show “The Power , Community and Fellowship Show” Sundays at 9:30 pm on WGIV!