Multi-Purpose Dress Shoes

Some wardrobes are becoming smaller and men are usually the leaders on this front. Yes, us guys have fewer items available to us than the fairer sex, which is usually by choice rather than requirement. However, dress shoes present a rather unique problem to guys who don’t want the biggest collection at their disposal. Unfortunately, different situations will call for different shoes altogether in terms of their appearance and craftsmanship unlike a versatile full suit of clothes, so what is the answer for men who only want a few pairs of shoes rather than an entire shelf?



Think Neutral

A standard pair of black leather shoes can provide just enough versatility for men to get through just about any door or location. However, this doesn’t mean black is the only color they should consider. Black leather can be a great option for a cool skinned man who has an established wardrobe of cooler blues, grays, and whites. While warmer men can get away with black shoes, they often do better in darker brown shoes as they tend to compliment their wardrobe of more earthy colors far better.

Other shades such as grey or white shouldn’t be considered in a shoe. While they may match a wardrobe, they are sometimes not perceived as truly fashionable footwear options and may require changing in order to meet the dress standards of certain venues.

Think Lace

Buckles and Velcro have come back into fashion over the past few years, but the two fastening options do dip in and out of popularity rather quickly. Unless a man has a certain requirement for these shoes, such as a medical requirement that requires Velcro shoes, then they should be avoided at all costs and instead be replaced with a classic lace-up shoe. Lace-up shoes provide a timeless sophistication that will ensure they’re never out of place at a particular event or venue.

Think Round

There are several different types of dress shoes designs and toe shapes that each have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, when versatility is the key concern, then a default round toe shoe should be chosen. A round toe has been the standard option for a shoemaker’s last for nearly three decades and isn’t set to disappear anytime soon. It is important for men to ensure their foot shape compliments a round toe though. It is perfectly acceptable to substitute a round toe for a more accommodating toe shape should the other rules be adhered to.