Teka’s Take…..

On…New Year, New… You?


So if you’re reading this you triumphantly defied the year that will always be remembered as 2016 (dun dun duunn)…and lived to ring in 2017!  So maybe it’s not as dramatic as all of that, but I believe the only thing agreed upon in and about 2016 is that it was quite a tumultuous year for us all.


A country so divided-races, sexes and cultures clashed year-round; which ended in majority refusing to claim or acknowledge our President-elect Trump, a good bit of the celebrities we grew up on passed away and our country collectively watched countless acts of terrorism, natural disasters and Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance. After navigating vigilantly through the past year, everyone is excited to see what the New Year has in store for them; with that comes the popular saying “New Year, New Me”. Some cringe at the phrase, some are indifferent and most genuinely feel it’s another chance to change or evolve into the person they’d like to become. Since I personally choose to side with the former in my most non-judgy unbiased fashion, I will elaborate as best I can for those that prefer the latter.

A new year it is indeed, but you are still the same person. The sentiment of change is however, one that will always resonate with those invested in personal growth. You will always have those people who choose to be set in “their way”. No change needed (as far as they can see), which usually isn’t very far at all. Leave those people be and continue to focus on your own growth. For those growth seekers, they are loaded with the optimism of winning, learning, growing and doing better for themselves this year by any means necessary.

The problem typically enters around February. The appeal of the New Year has worn off, the weather has taken a turn for the worse and spirits are down. How do you change this? Persistence! If you’ve committed yourself to a real change, you must fully submerge yourself in your own expectations and surpass even your own ideals of success. Do not allow yourself to be a statistic of your own making. Create a vision, a step-by-step list of how you will progress successfully through your goals and stick to it unabashedly. It’s not so much a “New You”, but another version of yourself that is improved in YOUR eyes. It may be a physical goal obtained, a new career path or business venture seen through to fruition, a long lost passion rediscovered or anything under the sun. The goal here is to be a happier/better/more content version of yourself, whatever that may be….do what it takes to get it! If the past year taught us nothing else, tomorrow is never promised. Don’t lose the person that you wish to become to the person others wish you were. Be you, do you. That’s not to say forsake all others, remember to be kind, treat others well and give back to those who need it. I could move this discussion in so many different directions, but I’ll spare you the novels that typically play out in my mind…hey everyone has room for growth right? If it helps at all, my goal this year is to face my fear of advancing towards success. No, I don’t live in loserville, but I have always put off big opportunities that could have potentially created more opportunities for growth and success. So 2017 is my year to take more chances on myself. If this article helps even one person realize a goal, dream or accomplishment, than I’ve succeeded in my goal!

So set forth on your journey to growth, wealth and success or whatever you believe 2017 holds in store for you. For those that cringe at the phrase, cringe quieter and let those that wish to make a plan for themselves do so, without your critique of what they have planned for their own lives. Change is inevitable, try to make it a change for the betterment of your life and the lives of those that count in yours. Love each other and be kind to others, that’s being the change you wish to see. Happy New Year to all! That’s my take on that! Love love!


~ Teka Rose

Urban Tymes Contributing Writer