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Food & Wine Tyme…Joe’s Doughs!

Joe’s Doughs
1721 North  Davidson Street
Charlotte NC, 28206
Ok, I gave in….
I was doing so well on my “changes in eating plan” ( I won’t call it a diet) My goal was to simply eat lean meats and
increase in vegetable and fruits as well.
So, on the way to the office on a cold Wednesday morning, I passed Joe’s Doughs. The smells of fresh baking cut through the air like a finely honed blade.
And like I stated before……
I gave in.
Inside I was greeted by two ladies full of smiles and energy, and I looked down on the display counter space I saw not just doughnuts….but mini works of art! I took the opportunity to order one of the Chocolate Sea Salted Caramel doughnuts, and the young lady there asked “only one?” In my mind I thought “I shall not give in to peer pressure!” yet when I bit into the fluffy and uniquely flavored donut, I had second thoughts….
Their creativity with flavors surpasses other doughnut shops. From the Maple Bacon doughnut (yes it has real maple flavor and actual bacon pieces on top) to a Carrot Cake doughnut topped with a Cream Cheese Glaze. Simply delicious!
The cool thing about this place, is that they create small batches to ensure freshness and consistency of each doughnut. Also they offer gluten free on Sat and Sun, or special orders taken Mon-Fri. For special events, one can call in and order a To Go Doughnut Pyramid, A DIY Doughnut Bar and various party platters for any occasion. Too cool!
I suggest you go and check out the newest doughnut Kid on the block and enjoy all of the delightful doughnut designed daily…
Yes, try saying that three times fast! Tell em Urban Tymes sent you!