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Lee Daniels encourages Charlotte to not only vote, but tell others to vote!

leedaniels2A call from Dana Sidberry of Motivational Marketing informed us of a very unique visit to the QC.  Saturday November 5th 2016, many gathered at Da Lucky Spot Barber Shop, customers, community leaders, media notables and even the youth. The barbershop has firmly established itself as a place where the community is the primary focus, and owner Shaun “Lucky” Corbett instills this mantra into each of the barbers that are employed there, as well as giving back to the community through various programs and events.

On this day however, highly recognized film and television director Lee Daniels visited the shop to sit and talk frankly to those in attendance and asked the one simply question: did you vote?

His passion on this subject was evident, as he addressed everyone on the severity this election will have on those of color. He shared with everyone the story of a man who’s taken up the cause to get everyone to vote, because he himself cannot vote. “This brother was incarcerated for eighteen years” says Daniels. “He keeps getting up and knocking on doors, right here in North Carolina. Because if we lose this election, its because of Blacks here in North Carolina, those are the stats, are not voting!”

“I don’t know what we need to do to shake this up,” he stated “but its not just your job to(pause) vote!”

He then challenged everyone to text ten friends or people we knew and ask the question “did you vote?” As simple a question to ask, yet powerful enough to change the course of this election. Daniels then addressed an all too familiar issue that has plagued our community since to onset of this election, the validity of Clinton: “Now some of ya’ll may say, I’m not messin with Hilary, I’m not down with her. Ok, I hear ya..but are you down with this country?” “We don’t have a choice!”

His visit to North Carolina was much needed, as Da Lucky Spot was but one location of many that Daniels visited to rally and inspire those that have exercised their right to have voices heard, and a much needed wake up call for those that are undecided or unaware of how this election will change, have changed, the scope of things to come. It also showed many, that no matter what your position is in life, you can affect change, demand change….from grassroots to Hollywood status. Thank you Mr. Daniels for reminding us of responsibility to affect and effect change within our communities.

Now the question remains, will you be a part of that change November 8th?