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Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte


When learning about the North Carolina-based Gospel group Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte, you find that these multifaceted individuals have already opened for artists such as Marvin Sapp, John P. Kee, Jonathan Nelson, DeWayne Woods, Micah Stampley, and Lexi. When they released their single “I Win” December 2014, that single alone inspired many listeners and rose up the charts. Now, their new single, “I WIN, The Remix” features Stellar Award Nominee, Dove Award Nominee and lead singer for the award-winning Donald Lawrence & Tri City Singers, LeJuene Thompson & Multi-Stellar Award Nominee Uncle Reece.

The group’s name was chosen by member and lead Steve Dalton, who states “I believe your destiny is tied to your name. So I was committed to choosing a name that reflected the purpose of the group and was rooted in scripture. I was led to name the group after the book of Leviticus because that’s the first book where we are introduced to the Levites, those people that God called to maintain the temple. We consider ourselves modern day Levites,”

As impressive it is that Steve plays various instruments, all before the age of 11, what really touches ones spirit is how he remedied and fulfilled his healing spiritually during a retreat. From this life changing experience, blessings flowed abundantly in the way of him ministering to other men with this issue, and the creation of this group, who primary goal is to minister to those that are hurting. “Experience the singing, the sound and our hearts to worship Him” says Dalton. “It’s not a show but a true worship experience”.

And the music of The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte is just that, a worship experience. The harmonious blending of the group coupled with the strong beats and powerful message in the remix “I Win” is constant. The energy in this project is infectious, after listening to the first minute led to feet tapping, followed by head bouncing and leading into momentous praise shortly after wards. If this is the first single from their project, one can only anticipate what the album will be like!

To learn more about Steve, Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte, follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@LSOCharlotte).