Literary Diva…Kisha Green!

KishaGreenheadshot1Kisha Green is no stranger to the literary world. She is the owner of DivaBooksInc, the author of several titles, literary consultant, and promoter. As the host of Writer’s Life Chats, an online radio show, Green interviews aspiring and seasoned authors. Green is also an avid reader, proofreader and book reviewer whose reviews have appeared on Amazon, Goodreads, Urban Book Source, Shelfari and other notable sites.


For readers of the Literary Treasures column, you know that Kisha Green prides herself on showcasing some of literary’s finest and what better platform than this to highlight the multi-talented columnist. She spends a lot of time interviewing different people but this time she is in the interview seat and she recently sat down with Award winning author and entrepreneur, J.M. Benjamin who not only is a client but also a friend, so who else would be better to conduct an interview that will ultimately give readers a more in-depth look into who Kisha Green is.

 Introducing Ms. Kisha Green.

JMB: Usually you’re the interviewer and you want people to tell you everything, lol. How does it feel to be the person that has to tell me everything?

KG: Well, initially I was like WHOA! This is different but at the same time I was excited to be provided the opportunity to allow readers a more personal look into my world.


JMB: Although I am familiar with the many different hats you wear in the industry, and I have personally benefitted from them, for the readers, tell me some, if not all of the things you do and have done for your clients.

KG: The title for all of what I do would be a literary consultant. Under this title, I do everything from proofreading, book reviews, interviews, virtual assistant and publisher. Basically from start to finish with those interested in self-publishing I can assist from the start of the project all the way to the finished product being a completed novel ready for purchase.


JMB: Social media has become an essential in our lives. Nowadays it is almost mandatory to have a strong social site presence. Many emerge daily, trying to do what it is you have been doing for years. How do you set yourself apart from others and remain relevant in your line of work?

KG: When I begin my literary journey initially as an aspiring author, social media was new and was not as prominent as it is today so you were still required to get out there and introduce yourself to potential readers by frequenting different literary events and making sure everywhere you went you had a book and or promotional material and I gave out my email address, whereas today I give out my Twitter and Facebook handles when asked how to get in contact with me. In more recent times, many networks have emerged and I utilize all of them to promote my services and my client’s work. I make social media fun so it is not always telling people to buy a book, I post inspirational and motivational information, I share relevant and up to date publishing and literary news with a sprinkle of my personal life that is time well spent with my family and friends with the occasional picture of a meal I ate…lol.


JMB: I am a firm believer in branding a product. I’ve personally managed to brand my pen name. Not every name stands out in this business, but you’ve managed to leave an impression on those you’ve encountered in your profession. Whenever I hear your name, it’s never one without the other. How did the name Kisha Green come to be spoken in one breath?

KG: (Laughs) that is so funny to me. Every time I speak to someone they immediately say KISHAGREEN and for branding purposes, this is great because I want people to know me for all of the different literary hats I wear and when those titles are mentioned, I want my name to immediately come to mind. I have been feverish working on this since I entered the industry. When you hear DivaBooks, Literary Jewels or Writer’s Life Chats the only name I want you to think of is Kisha Green and so far so good!


JMB: What are some of the misconceptions that people have about Kisha Green?

KG: Initially when I launched my publishing company, DivaBooksInc, people thought that I was this diva and for a while I let them believe just that. I was quiet and reserved and only spoke to a select few but to know me, you know that I am bubbly and social. Those who get the pleasure of listening to my radio show, Writer’s Life Chats get to hear me and many have told me that they did not expect me to sound the way I did, but hey what can I say I am a proud Jersey girl! I focus on delivering quality services while displaying passion and consistency is my objective.

JMB: It seems as if you’re always working. Every time I open up my timeline, I see something from Kisha Green, and I rarely sleep. So, how difficult is it for you to separate your personal life from your professional?

KG: I am always working. The internet never sleeps and there is always something to be done or reading assignments that need completion. Exposure is key, so I make sure people see the name and or services. As for my personal life, there are things that do not get posted but I do share a lot with people.

JMB: What would be one word that best describes you?

KG: Personable


JMB: What can people look forward to from Kisha Green?

KG: At the end of the day I just want to leave a legacy for my children which include continued consistency with the furthering of expanding my brand through various projects.


JMB: Honestly, if you weren’t doing what you do now. What would you be doing?

KG: Before the literary bug bit me, I worked in the health care industry so if the book biz was to stop, I would simply return to the work force doing something health care related.


JMB: Tell us how we can get connected to stay updated on the latest with Kisha Green and how you can be reached?

KG: Website:







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