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Amazing, Intelligent , Beautiful Bosses of Industry: #CharlottePRQueens

Charlotte’s PR Queens share an insight to what makes them unique and incredible in the industry!!!

keemaShakeema Guess Bouyer is the founder of The Queen’s English PR. Known as “Keema” to her family, friends and colleagues, she is a native of Columbia, South Carolina where she attended Richland District One Public Schools. After graduating from W.J. Keenan High School, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from The College of Charleston in 2000.

If you had asked her 30 years ago what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response would have been a talk show host and later changed to an investigative reporter. She aspired to match the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Dianne Sawyer and Barbara Walters. She would spend hours as a child playing “talk show” with her stuffed animals and dolls.

While in college she created an audition reel but it was an internship at a local PR and Marketing Firm that opened her eyes to the world of Public Relations. She was tasked with handling a campaign for Christmas in July, a nonprofit that completed home renovations for the elderly in the small town of Hollywood, SC. It was then that she met her love for being behind the scenes and connecting the dots for those that mattered – the client and the community.

After graduation she moved to Charlotte, NC and like many graduates, accepted a job not related to her field. In 2007, her pastor asked her to write a press release for a community event. Not having previously discussed her background, he was not aware that she had formal training in this area and soon enlisted her services to be the PR Point of Contact for future community events for the church. Through this, what some would call an “unlikely” appointment, for the next four to five years she would continue to develop her writing style, media list and contacts.

Out of the need for something more in her professional development and the growing love for what she does, The Queen’s English PR was launched in September 2012. The agency specializes in branding and public relations for Beauty and Lifestyle Brands and Nonprofit Organizations. In a short time, the agency has reached to the Midwest and West Coast and has a current client base in North & South Carolina and Georgia.

Keema says that if she could look back 30 years and see her eight-year-old self, playing talk show with stuffed animals, she would tell her “Little girl, your life is going to be nothing like you imagine it to be!” As she continues to make her mark in the industry she is excited about what lies ahead. She is the host of a monthly segment, “Let’s Talk PR” on This Needs to be Said Radio that launched in July. She is also a member of the Power Circle of the Glambitious I Am network and is one of the hosts for the monthly Power Calls. Her plans to grow her business include quarterly webinars, an ebook and the launch of her Life of a Publicist apparel.

When she is not managing her client needs, Keema is a wife, mother and full time employee of the wireless industry. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading and shopping.

Words of Wisdom:

Life has a way of coming full circle. When it does you have to be ready and willing to close the loop.

Social Media:

FB – QnsEngPR

Twitter, IG, Periscope – @queensenglishpr


“Teamwork makes the Dream Work”

“The race is not given to the swiftest nor strongest, but to he who endureth to the end”

Tasha Mcclarrin,  CEO of The Mcclarrin Group is small town girl with big dreams and one day decided to pursue them. Tasha was raised in a little country town called Waynesville, NC buried deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains neighboring the Cherokee Indian Reservation and the city of Asheville. She dibble and dabbled in entrepreneurship throughout her young adult life but didn’t truly find her way until after being promoting with in her company. Performing at a high levels, Tasha was a marksman at creativity, organization and meeting goals. She was quickly absorbed by the Go to Market Team (Internal Marketing and Branding Team) within the Northeast Area of her organization. As a natural well-spoken talent it was easy for her to motivate the masses and get people to perform at high levels. As a consultant she was able to determine needs or be instructed the needs and create a strategy of implementation to meet and or exceed the goals. After over 12 years of corporate Tasha created a plan for herself and stepped out on faith and followed her dreams in April of 2014.

The Mcclarrin Group is a consulting and PR agency. The Mcclarrin Group prides itself on strategy, solution, developing a customized strategy and solution to meet their client’s goals. Their innovative creativity and technology keeps them on them on the competitive edge. The Mcclarrin Group has media outlet The Mac Group VLOG & Productions that is just one way she utilizes her creativity to be innovative. Videography and film productions is her first love. She has produced her own show with guest that include local small business owners and big names such a local venue owner and Real House Wives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas. Most recently The Mac Group VLOG was credentialed to big name events such as Cam Newton’s Kick it With Cam on June 10th and The Hillary Clinton Campaign stop accompanied by President Obama in Charlotte on July 5th. Her media outlet is clearly on the rise and building an arsenal of credentials

A little over 2 years later The Mcclarrin Group is a thriving well-known company with past and current clients located in Charlotte, NC, Birmingham, Al, Atlanta, GA, Raleigh, NC, Greensboro, NC, and Philadelphia, PA. The Mcclarrin Group has worked with a diverse client base. From record labels, print magazines, luxury car boutiques, barbershops, chefs, event companies, upscale bars, non-profits, clothing lines, clothing boutiques and even elected officials. Some of her well-known past and current clients include names such as DLAW Events (Derrick Lawson, Chef Leondrus Wright (7th District Fine Dining Restaurant Executive Chef), Othaz Records (Waleed Coyote/Dj Luke Nasty), Velvet Enterprise (Sean Spencer), Kool Kutz Barbershop ( Rhonda Mapp Retired-WNBA), Level Up Foundation (Tempestt Harris), NC State Senator Joyce Waddell and RPM Motorspots of Atlanta Luxury Car Dealership (Carlo Wilkes).

What’s Next for The Mcclarrin Group? The goal is for her brand to be an internationally known brand. The Mcclarrin Group’s short term goals are to infiltrate Florida, Tennessee and Virginia. Long term goals consist of being in places like Cuba, Jamaica and the Caribbean within the next 12 months. The Mcclarrin Group hosted their first annual brunch last year at Sports One Bar and Lounge. She is in the works of planning her 2nd annual company sponsored brunch. Last year the theme was Working Women’s Brunch. The brunch was a private invite only event with small business owners, company leaders and working women in attendance. AXA (Financial Advisors), The Nichols Company (Commercial Real Estate), Truscott Rossman (Michigan PR), Tracey Hewitt (District Court Judge Candidate), Harold Cogdell attorney at law, City Council Lawanna Mayfield’s surrogate and NC Senator Joyce Waddell were some of the attendees. The attendees’ networked, received freebies such free head shots, bios and gift bags. This year look for it to be bigger and better. For more information on her company please go to and or follow her media outlets on IG @themacgroup and @themacgroupvlog and subscribe to The Mac Group VLOG & Productions on YouTube
Warmest Regards,

Tasha Mcclarrin

The Mcclarrin Group-CEO


Welch West VA native Tanganykia Davis has over the years proven to be more than just a publicist and media strategist. Studying and receiving her degree in Marketing at Bluefield State College, the seasoned publicist has shown over the years the ease and fluidity to work across multiple areas of entertainment within two Nationally recognized firms: Tsunami Group and her own organization I’MERGE PR.

In the early beginnings in the industry, Tangi’ was a contracted PR with Arnold Taylor Record Pool. As she birthed her company I’MERGE, her clientele included the Prince of R&B Calvin Richardson, veteran actor and movie director Cuba Gooding Sr, comedienne Kashuna Little, model Cross Thompson, Artist Roman Hill, Celebrity Dame and author Janine A Morris. She took on an active management role with Tsunami Group Inc, owed an operated by PR guru CJ Robinson all the while continuing to run I’MERGE PR and teaming up with consulting firms such as S. Riley and Associates.

She has been constantly recognized for her abilities to assess her client’s needs, troubleshooting on a campaign, bringing fresh ideas to the table and providing a personalized “hands on” approach with all projects from their inception to the end. Tangi has worked with clients such as Trina, Jody Breeze, various radio personalities, and sports figures such as Ike Taylor (Pittsburgh Steelers), Natasha Hastings (Olympic Gold Medalist in Track and Field), and a host of others.

While wearing multiple hats within the entertainment industry, she is also a mother of three beautiful children, for whom she has introduced to a brief side of the entertainment realm. Her time with her family consists of various practice times between sports, dance, theater, and church of course. There is no sacrifice too great for her children, and becoming well rounded, productive individuals in life is a must!

Now one may ask how does she handle managing multiple firms, working with various celebrities and entertainers, and full time involvement with her family? Her unyielding faith! This has kept her grounded and focused in all she do.

Recent projects include supporting Life Coach and Minister Jametta Chandler Moore as she chronicles 365 days of life changing events and goals, the Atlanta Black Family Expo, an upcoming reality TV show, new Jazz/Blues restaurant BluNotes, select events with Def Jam and working with the non- profit organization Inspire The Fire.


Words of Wisdom:

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear


Dana Sidberry

She is a Charlotte, N.C. native hailing from the West Side of town graduating from Myers Park High School with a Bachelors of Business Degree at Strayer University. Mrs. Sidberry comes from a family of entrepreneurs and was always taught to be loyal, humble, treat people right, to help others and the value of hard work, ownership and determination.  

Mrs. Sidberry is the passionate owner of Motivation Marketing Firm specializing in entertainment, beauty & business marketing and public relations in an array of industries. Motivation Marketing is a boutique firm offering services in Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Event Planning and more. Motivation Marketing has represented and worked closely with many companies such as Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Wells Fargo, Charlotte Sports Commission, Charlotte NC FashionWeek, Urban Tymes Magazine, Sheen Magazine, Radio One, Bronner Bros, Beasley Media Group, Truliant Federal Credit Union, CBS Radio and national events such as the Democratic National Convention, CIAA, National Poetry Slam and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Weekend just to name a few. Motivation Marketing has worked with celebrities such as Michael Vick, Slick Rick and Dana Dane; and has planned and implemented countless events from fashion, business, model calls, and more.

Mrs. Sidberry has a love for life, family, friends, and laughter. Many people look to her for advice, expertise and has often been called a “Social Media Guru”, “Marketing Maven” and “Mrs. Marketing”. Dana has a passion for helping others succeed, especially passionate and goal oriented individuals. For more information press releases, photos, etc check out For bookings, please email  

FaceBook Fan Page: Motivation Marketing Firm

Twitter: @Motivationmktg #Motivateyourbuzz

Instagram: @MotivationMktg

Words of Wisdom:

Learn to operate in a spirit of humbleness and gratefulness for the process. Things don’t happen overnight, some people don’t understand that you have to allow things to happen in its own divine order. When things start happening for you both professionally and or personally, never be too big to take a moment to say thanks and to respect the path on the way. There is a higher power and higher being that orders our steps before we even learn to walk. So, we have to respect that process and the time that is ordained within it. Just because you have decided to start a business, pursue a goal, change a bad habit, etc. doesn’t mean that things will just be different. Action is required in order to see tangible things happen. Don’t worry about the next person’s journey especially if it seems that they are progressing faster than you. You never know what is TRULY happening on the other side. As the old saying goes, “All that glitters ain’t gold.” As learned in the life story of the Tortoise and Hare; Slow and steady wins the race! We all are in that marathon just trying to win our own respective race to the finish line. Continue to work hard and seek the necessary motivation from within to build your brand, business, personal self, family, etc. in a spirit of unapologetic excellence. Respect


Telisha “Teka” Wheeler 

Words of Wisdom:

No matter how busy you may be, take time for yourself! Your life depends on it.                                                                                Breathe, its good for you.                                                                      Laugh as often as possible, then laugh some more.                 Prayer & Meditation….it works.                                                   Pay close attention to your Dreams, they tell you so much. No matter how small the step taken towards your goals, you’re still moving forward. 

I LOVE love

Navigating duality has become a way of life for PR Newbie, Telisha Wheeler; she embraces the mystery behind keeping her “selves” separate at times and even likes to view the task as that of a superhero. Telisha, the Corporate American by day, and Teka Rose, the Writer, Author, Lover of Hip Hop by night. Although the two roles share its main character, they hardly ever meet in the middle, which sometime proves trying when it comes to introductions.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Telisha moved to Charlotte at an early age and has officially been dubbed a Charlottean by the locals. A graduate of Garinger High School, Telisha briefly attended Johnson C. Smith University before relocating to Florida. After a series of moves in and out of the Queen City, Telisha came back to Charlotte and decided to finally settle in. Now, a wife and mother of two sons, Telisha wears many hats to balance her busy lifestyle. Working full time at one of the top commercial real estate companies, Telisha spends early mornings, lunches and late nights writing, jumping on conference calls and planning her next steps once she “punches out”.

A lover of many music genres, Telisha has always had an affinity for hip hop; and sought out every possible venue in and around Charlotte for some of the best sounds. A writer at heart, Telisha decided that was the best way to share with others her passion for good music. She began freelance writing and teamed up with Charlotte’s own Elevate Lifestyle Magazine in late 2010 and the Teka Rose pseudonym was born. As Teka Rose, Telisha used her new found forum to combine her love of music with writing and covered interviews for musicians at the local and national level with her Mic Check QC editorials. Mic Check QC featured artists such as Elenora Fagan, Shocky Shay, Mr. 704, American Idol Anoop Desai and many more. Her popular writing style soon earned her the title of Editor in early 2012 and many more writing opportunities at Elevate. Teka soon found herself covering major press releases for Charlotte businesses, Charlotte Hornets player interviews, Mid- Atlantic Music Conferences, NoDa SummerFests, record label release events, restaurant debuts and promotional events throughout the Queen City. While covering the Annual Queen City Music Awards, Telisha “Teka Rose” met her point of contact Tangyanika “Tangi” Davis and they instantly hit it off; Telisha soon found herself working under the tutelage of Tangyanika Davis working at I’Merge PR.

Since teaming up with I’Merge in December 2012; Telisha had to adjust quickly to the faster, higher paced, demand in the world of public relations. She discovered Tangi’s reach extended far and beyond Charlotte’s scene and I’Merge PR was more of a national brand with a clientele base that included not only emerging artists, but also corporate agencies and artists known world wide which was initially intimidating to Teka Rose. Current clients include National Recording Artist Calvin Richardson, Radio Personality and Author Terri Avery, Life Coach and Minister Jametta Chandler Moore, Author Barbara Archer, Big Mike of the group Day 26, Celebrity Blogger and host Celebrity Dame, Hip Hop Artists Mason Parker, Facenville, Darren Blakeney and Kairo. They also work closely with the non-profit organization Inspire The Fire. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Telisha threw her inhibitions aside and soon became more versed in writing and working with multiple clients at a time and often found herself burning the midnight oil to accomplish goals, such as how to write an artist one sheet for Multi Platinum Recording Artists MA$E. Now the Senior Writer and Publicist for I’Merge PR; writing artist biographies and press releases has become second nature to Telisha and clients love how she turns their accomplishments into a story.

Somewhere in between the magazine and demanding PR assignments Telisha managed to write a book. “Love Handles” was released October 2013 and discusses how we tend to put on weight once involved in a relationship. With zero time to promote her first published book, “Love Handles” has maintained rave reviews world wide and is currently available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and retailers nationwide. “Love Handles” has been printed in several languages and to even Telisha’s surprise has reached as far as South Africa. Telisha is currently working on the follow up to “Love Handles”, preparing to release “Love Handles: The Journey”, which will follow its Author as she takes on the journey towards incorporating a consistent regimen and maintaining a healthier lifestyle for her and her family.

Although she remains sleepless in Charlotte most nights, Telisha “Teka Rose” proudly dons her many hats effortlessly. Immersed in diversity daily, no two days are ever the same for multi- monikered mama. She always “puts Jesus first”, as her own mama always told her to, her family comes next and hip hop music and writing are a strong and present third in her life. A Bad mother lover filled with wit, charm and plenty of petty playfulness, Telisha “Teka Rose” Wheeler stands on a foundation of Love, Laughter & Music.


“Those who create their own opportunities versus following others will always come out on top.”

Narria Rice 

This isn’t just another quote rather it served as a motivational quote for Narria. She is a multi-talented individual with professional experience in Public Relations and Events planning. She is known for her distinctive, innovative and creative style towards being of help to others to achieve their dreams, this led her to pursue her degree along the field where she can use her knowledge for the benefit of others. Narria received her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro majoring in Marketing, that provides her with firsthand theoretical knowledge.

More so, during her undergraduate studies, she interned at VIBE Magazine, Betsey Johnson’s Corporate Office and Tribble Creative Group. Not only was she provided with world-class training, but she was able to put to use all of her theoretical knowledge, has she gained practical knowledge of the real world experience and over the years of working at various levels, she has developed herself to become elite. Narria is known for her unique skills, dedication and selflessness which helps distinguish her from the rest.

Furthermore, Narria passion can’t be overemphasized and her outstanding performance worth reckoning with. She started her company “Visionary Creative Group” to help different people bring their vision and dreams to reality, among are various clients includes; Pretty-n-Ink owned by Dutchess Lattimore from VH1 hit show Black Ink Crew, Kidz Place of Charlotte a 5 star daycare and Real Talk with Felice. The company’s dedication and success placed them in the right place to help various people to meet their ultimate goals. In addition, Narria greatest achievement was figuring out a formula that would make her dreams and passion comes to fruition. Her ability to create unique and lasting opportunities for her clients remains the biggest difference between Visionary Creative Group and their competitors.

Her company details can be found on their website while they can be reach via Facebook- Visionary Creative Group, and Instagram- @ visionary_creative_group.