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It’s NessaSary

11059565_10208880773922617_2173818888189690075_nAs an artist, the music is what keeps you. It encourages you during the troubling times, it helps you tell your story to the masses. Music for an artist it the total expression of their soul….

NessaSary embodies all these areas, and more. And you’ll hear even more from her words…..

UT: It seems that you’ve made many sacrifices prior to getting to this season of your career. Would you say that it was “NessaSary” for that to occur?

NS: Unfortunately, it was necessary for me to have to leave my kids the way I did. That was one of the worst decisions I’ve had to make but probably one of the best. It allowed me to come out here and not only learn L.A. (Los Angeles), my surroundings, my craft and to get out here and learn how to survive in this business while getting into the groove of the music business & entertainment all together. I also learned more about myself by being completely alone. I had my kids when I was 19 during a time when I didn’t know completely who I was.

Going from a teen to a completely responsible adult wasn’t an issue for me but, I never wanted kids, I was more like I’m out here chilling. I was never promiscuous, into super crazy partying or going down a bad road – but, the path I chose led me to having children which in turn helped me to grow a little quicker in the mind and it also hinder me a lot in getting to know who I was and sort out my thoughts. So coming to LA without them, at first, was a huge sacrifice and it wasn’t planned that way. It was an opportunity that I had to hop on at the moment and in the midst of that my child’s father was going through a serious legal battle and come not move. So he was like, I’m going to hold it down with the kids. But after he went “in” – it made it extremely difficult to continue on as it was but I still pushed through and made it work to where it is right now. That would be the most significant sacrifice I made early on. As I said it was the worst one but has opened a lot of doors for me.

UT: Your decision to move to California was a monumental one. Tell us about it.

NS: At that time, a lot was going on in my mind. I was living in Ft Lauderdale in my homie’s condo trying to get to the next level in Miami when that fell through. That was the #1 thing going on in my mind. The second thing was, if this is not going to work then I don’t have a place to stay or go. We had packed up everything and came to Miami off the pretenses that we would be staying there and getting things done. When that fell through it was like “where are we going to go next?” Also at that time, one of my best friends was getting ready to move to Cali. We had visited California before and loved it so, she was planning to return and become a travel nurse. Her original plan was to fly out and later ship her car. That plan fell through and she decided she was going to drive. Being that she didn’t want to travel alone, she invited me to come to Cali as we both had the same mindset to go and make moves in the area. At that time, I’m homeless with no place to go. My family and I are in two different cars packed up to the roof.

It was a taxing situation for both, my partner and I because he’s going through a legal case. I was like, you’re staying here for a case but I don’t have to. I could try to venture out like a pioneer and get things done in California. So, after much convincing that’s what I did, although I didn’t want to leave my kids. My son’s father lives in Georgia that was an easy call. He was like “he (the son) could come there while I go do what I had to do. In my mind, it was a swirl of responsibilities, a swirl of “omg this has to work”. I really wanted it to work anyway…I loved Cali, whether I was a regular person or entertainer. The feel and energy out here is very different. So all those things were going through my mind and I just felt I had to make it. The same as I do now. So back then, my support system really helped encouraged me but not everyone I must say…

UT: Your Youtube “Rapisodes” have garnered an amazing following. How would you put into words, your style or flow of music?

NS: It’s really hard to put it into words. That question has actually gotten me into a lot of trouble with myself over the years. I find myself trying to be like a staple sound or style in how I do things but me being me I don’t think I have one although everyone else on the outside does. I learned this from someone who was observing my music when we were in the studio. They were like “hey, you have a unique style” they went on to say, “every song, if you notice, you start off going slow and you gradually get faster or you start off fast and gradually get slower”. And that’s kind of a flow thing I do. I like to think outside of the box. Currently, I’m trying to catch a vibe. I’m just trying to catch a vibe in the track and how it makes me feel. I want the track to make me feel amazing and then the words are going to just come. But in other instances, I’m trying to give you a crazy and amazing flow. That’s what I came up listening to and that’s what was soothing to me…a dope rapper with a dope flow it’s like wow, I can listen to whatever you have to say because you really are spitting and flowing right now. It’s easy on the ears and I can really pay attention you know what I’m saying? A lot of these musicians out here now are catching a vibe, it’s strictly a vibe. Correct me if I’m wrong but….we don’t really care what they are saying, we’re just vibin. Everybody on drugs or in whatever spiritual realm they may be in and feeling at the moment don’t care what you are saying. We just like the feel of the music with your voice and cadence and it just makes a good marriage but for me personally, I have too many things to be said and have to create a clever way to integrate that lyricism with that vibe. That’s what I’m trying to create right now. When I think of a name or pacific why to describe it other than what I said, I’ll let you know.

UT: Who’ or what has been your motivation in music?


NS: Pretty much everyone I have come across whether good, bad, positive, negative or in between, have really motivated me.

The negative people who have motivated me, tell me all the things I can’t do, shouldn’t say, shouldn’t do, and should change or whatever sometimes I take that constructive criticism with a grain of salt and sometimes they are absolutely right. Some situations motivate me stemming from a negative thing and some positive situation like Tech N9ne, he’s very motivating. He makes me feel like I can own my own stuff as an independent artist and be successful at the same time. I can be an independent artist on the Forbes list you know what I mean? It’s like the best of both worlds situation. So I would say everyone I come across from Florida, Georgia, LA and everyone I met on that national tour it’s all very motivating no question.

UT: So what’s next for NessaSary?

NS: Right now I’m focused on making some new music. I’ve taken a very long hiatus slash vacation slash stress session of life. I’ve had a lot of up and down in between the ways of trying to create music and it wasn’t clicking. My grind wasn’t completely there because there are a billion other things going on. Like I said, I’m a mother. My co-parent was locked up and he just came out this past November and we’re trying to adjust that situation. While here in LA, I trying to find and catch a vibe by meeting new producers and new artists every day, going to events and trying to stay very relevant. People know who I am in these streets and they are waiting on me to blow just like you’re waiting for your favorite artist to blow. So I can’t let them down and I can’t let myself down so right now I’m just trying to stack my music up. If a project comes out of that, great. If a mixtape, another EP, album, single or whatever comes out of that…comes out of that but the number one thing is I got to go make some more music. I need to get these things out of my head that I really want to say to the people that I haven’t heard. I’ve heard it on another scale. Everyone’s ear is not eclectic as mine. I like to listen to all types of [music] from alternative, poppy to straight up underground to “hip pop” as I like to call it. I listen to a very large range of things and feel like I want to mesh these things with inspirational quotes and ideas that I have in a very dope way. On the back burner, I’m working on a lot of projects and music that will be commercially place on TV shows. I just got a couple placement on the Vice channel and also the Oxygen network with the Bad Girl’s Club so listen out for that. In meantime, I’m going to stay working. This is my livelihood. I’m doing a lot of features, not so many performances as I’m building up my tracks. I know people like to listen to those old tracks and I’m going to get back to it but for me I just want to progress. So I’m working on so new stuff, keeping my name hot in these streets and looking for more placements and that’s what’s poppin for Nessasary.